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New campaign aims to keep people out of hospital this winter

A new Bradford Breathing Better campaign aimed at helping people across the district to improve the health of their lungs and respiratory system, is aiming to keep people out of hospital this winter.

Ahead of the colder weather, health professionals will be offering advice to people on topics like stopping smoking, the importance of keeping moving and making sure those in at risks groups get their free flu vaccinations this autumn.

The NHS Bradford District and Craven team will be visiting mosques, community events and supermarkets over the next three weeks.

There are almost 30,000 people in the Bradford City CCGs’ area with asthma, and just under 10,000 more have COPD – a serious lung disease which makes breathing more difficult.

Respiratory disease is responsible for large numbers of unplanned hospital admissions – some of which are avoidable. For every 100 people on the COPD register, there are an estimated 15 emergency admissions each year – with each one costing on average £2,000.


Like COPD, asthma is also responsible for large numbers of hospital admissions – most of which are emergency admissions. For every 100 people on the asthma disease register, there are an estimated four emergency admissions each year, each costing £1,500.

Evidence suggests that up to 90% of respiratory patients do not use their inhalers correctly.

Dr Katherine Hickman, clinical respiratory lead for Bradford and district CCGs said:

“One of the most effective things we can do to reduce the number of preventable hospital admissions over the winter is helping more people quit smoking.*

“Another key aim is to help diagnose people who do not realise that they are suffering from asthma or COPD as we know there are many people living with these conditions in the Bradford district and Craven.

“There are 1,000 deaths from asthma each year in the UK – most of which are preventable – and one person dies from COPD every 20 minutes in England.

“COPD is the second most common cause of emergency admissions to hospital and one of the most costly we treat in the NHS.

“No one chooses to be in hospital over the winter but having an existing respiratory health condition and not looking after yourself properly could mean you are at greater risk of needing to go to hospital.”


The Bradford Breathing Better crew will be at the Bradford Peel Centre Tesco superstore on Canal Road between 11am – 3pm on Saturday 15 September. 

They will be at the Queensbury Tesco’s between 11am -2pm on Tuesday 18 September.

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