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Digital healthcare app in Bradford will transform social prescribing

Bradford district and Craven CCGs are encouraging people to sign up to a digital app to help them discover groups and activities which could improve their health and wellbeing.

Evergreen Life is already providing GP Online services to over half a million people which allow patients to book doctor’s appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and manage personal health information.

A new feature of the app will help people in the Bradford district find what is happening in their local community which could help them to better manage their own healthcare.

The pilot project, run by Evergreen Life and Public Consulting Group (PCG), has seen the provider team up with Bradford Council and the three Bradford district and Craven CCGs to provide a database of voluntary and community groups and activities.

The app will then offer suggestions of activities that may be beneficial based on information they’ve provided to their GP.


Dr Taz Aldawoud, Bradford GP and Bradford CCG Board Member, said:

“The new approach, using the app, means people will be able to book onto certain groups and services themselves within the Evergreen Life app.

“For example, if someone with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) books an appointment online, or orders a repeat prescription, they can be matched with non-medical activities that have been shown to benefit the condition.

“This could include local swimming sessions or a walking club, with people who may only be suffering from the same condition.As a GP, trying to keep up to date with what local services are available and where is very challenging.

“Trying to ensure these services are customised to my patients’ specific health needs is even harder.  It also means patients might not need to make a GP appointment to find this additional support, freeing up more time for everyone.”

Collette Connolly, head of commissioning for self-care and prevention and Bradford CCG, commented:

“This new app will help people better manage their own care and take control of their own health and wellbeing.

“It offers a personalised ‘social prescription’ that complements face-to-face GP consultations and clinical services so people in the district can access community groups and activities to improve their health.

“The suggestions are personally tailored to each patient which also offers them the ability to save, print and share their activities.”

Clinical lead for the project and Practice Nurse at Westcliffe Surgery, Jane Patrickson, said:

“We are making people aware of the online services they can benefit from now, such as booking appointments online and ordering prescriptions online.

“By engaging with our patients to increase awareness, people are becoming more confident in managing their own health.

“The social prescribing online service is a fantastic extension to online services that people can do themselves - if they feel they do not need to see someone face to face. This can only be a good thing to help improve better patient outcomes, faster.”

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