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What is a lay member for PPI?

A lay member is someone who has expertise and experience at a senior level in patient and public involvement, and who has a good knowledge of our local communities.  They also bring experience of working at board level in a large organisation.

In every aspect of the CCG’s business, our lay member helps ensure that local people’s voices are heard and that opportunities to empower people, and get them involved in co-design, are created and protected for patient and public.

Introducing Dr Max Mclean, our lay member for PPI

Max McleanMax retired from a 30-year West Yorkshire policing career in 2010 where he had spent his last 12 years as the force’s senior detective. As head of CID and head of the homicide team he oversaw all major criminal investigations in the county and led on partnership working with a variety of local and national agencies tackling crime in some of the country’s most deprived communities. He has led nationally for the police service on tackling domestic abuse and made significant national and international improvements in responses to domestic violence and child protection.

Since retirement, Max has been awarded a PhD from the University of Huddersfield after studying ways in which coroners carry out their duties.  He teaches a Masters course in criminology and psychology, and is a lay advisor to the patient safety research centre at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Note: Max has been appointed as non-executive chairperson at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He will be taking on this new role from 1 May 2019. 

You can read more about Max's appointment here

We will update this page with information about a new lay member for patient and public involvement soon. 

Max’s membership of CCG committees

Max is a member of a number of CCG committees and other meetings, including:

Information about the roles of these committees is available our annual report

How Max holds the CCG and our service providers to account for their patient and public involvement

Through involvement as a governing body member, Max shares accountability with colleagues for good governance and that the CCG acts in accordance with its constitution. He seeks assurance through various committees and meetings that the CCG and providers act always in the best interests of the health of the local population, and that the CCG is responsive to the views of local people.

What are Max’s particular interests as a lay member?

Max’s primary aim has been to increase patient and public involvement in any decisions regarding the heath and care of those who live or work in the Bradford City area. He takes a keen interest in the quality and timeliness of serious incident investigations, in accordance with his previous investigative experience.

As a lay member, what recent initiatives has Max been involved in?

Max has championed the ‘think learning disabilities’ campaign, aiming to promote greater inclusion for those with learning disabilities. He is working with board colleagues at Bradford Care Alliance to support the move towards more some health services being available to patients closer to home, for example at your local GP practice.