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Every GP practice in the country now has a patient participation group (PPG) which you can get involved in. You can find more information about how to get involved with these at your GP practice. Many GP practices also have the details of their PPG on their website.

There is no set way for how PPGs work, they depend on the needs of patients who are registered with their GP practice. Their aim is to make sure that the GP practice puts patients, and improving health and wellbeing, at the centre of the work that they do.

Just some of the things that PPGs get involved in include:

Training for patient participation groups (PPGs) and patient networks

Our CCG is working in partnership with Community Action Bradford and District (CABAD) to provide training to our Patient Network and PPGs to help them become more effective so that they can help to develop quality services. Details of the latest training information is here

Find more ways to get involved.

Take part in our engagement activities and consultations.

Discover more details on what engagement work we are doing.

Or find out how you are also helping us make a difference to improve health services.