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Our budget for 2016/17 was £151.7m and the chart below shows how we spent that money.

To help us achieve some of our financial savings, we have strengthened our approach to the QIPP – quality, innovation, productivity and prevention – programme.  This has helped us to identify the changes that deliver the greatest impact and to be able to successfully count and monitor the difference we are making.   

The achievement of the QIPP programme for Bradford depends on reviewing some services, interventions and prescriptions, which may include stopping, reducing or changing the way that they are provided. Savings from the QIPP changes will help us re-invest money in other services which would benefit more patients. Reducing medicine waste will free up money that can be used on healthcare for more Bradford people.

 The chart below shows how we spent our budget for 2016/17:

 City finances

For a full breakdown of our finances, please see our annual report. Regularly updated information about our finances can be found in our governing body papers.

If you want to see financial information for other years, you can find in in the relevant annual report for the year in question.