Prescription information 

Paying for a prescription

The cost of a prescription is set by the government and is currently £8.20 per item.

If you are exempt from paying for a prescription, please remember to take proof to the pharmacy with you. If you do not produce proof of exemption, you will need to pay the prescription fee and produce proof of exemption at a later date to claim the fee back.

You can find out whether you are exempt from paying for a prescription on the NHS Choices website

Prescription collection and delivery 

Many pharmacies offer prescription collection and delivery services to make it even easier for you to get hold of your prescribed medicines. You might find this useful if you have medication prescribed regularly by your GP surgery. However, make sure that you only order medicine that you need so that medication does not go to waste.

To find out if your pharmacy offers prescription collection and delivery services, you will need to speak to your pharmacy or GP practice.

Wasted medication

Once medicines have been dispensed by a pharmacist they can never be reused, even if you’ve not opened the packaging. Medicine waste costs the NHS £300million each year. When you are ordering a repeat prescription, it is helpful if you ask for only the medication you need.

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