Finding an optician and the services they provide

Finding an optician 

You can choose to go to an optician that is the most convenient for you, near your home or place of work. To find an optician near you, visit the NHS Choices services finder which will also tell you their opening times and contact details.

You do not have to register with a specific optician practice. However, this can be more beneficial in the long term, as you will then be sent reminders to attend regular examinations, and any slow, long term changes can be identified.

Services for the housebound

Many practices offer services for housebound patients. If you are eligible for an NHS funded eye test, the NHS will pay the fee for the optometrist to visit you in your place of residence.

If your optician does not offer a service in your place of residence, they will have a list of practices or companies that do.

It is best to contact your regular optician for advice if you are unable to go to the practice because of a medical or physical condition.

Children’s eye health

It is important to take your child for regular vision tests. An optician will be able to see children of any age. Many children will not realise that they have reduced vision and the earlier that problems are identified in children’s eye health, the better the outcome.

Many opticians offer additional services for children which may be linked to educational or developmental needs they have e.g. some practices will screen for forms of dyslexia. These services are not funded by the NHS and you will need to pay the appropriate fee for the service.

For more information about children’s eye health, click here.

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