Many women are embarrassed to seek help about continence issues. There are lots of different places you can seek help, many symptoms can be improved and cured with simple discreet methods.

There are three main places you can go to get more help for continence issues:

  • your GP can assess whether you have incontinence, decide on the type of incontinence you have, give general advice on controlling symptoms and suggest and provide treatment.

  • continence clinics have specialist teams to provide support and medical advice. You can be referred to the continence team by a health professional, such as your GP, or you can book an appointment directly by calling Horton Park admin hub on 01274 322171.

  • the hospital incontinence specialist is an option if the help offered by your GP or local continence clinic does not work.

Some further advice and tips on living with incontinence available on the NHS Choices website.

The bladder and bowel community website also has good information to support management and self-care.

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