Children’s health

It is normal to worry about the health of your child as they grow up. As well as making sure your children have their vaccinations, there are also other things to consider such as making sure they have gained the skills to be ready to go to school and have developed a strong bond with you as a parent.    

In the UK, and especially in Bradford, childhood obesity is on the rise. It is important to make sure your child is a healthy weight and knows how to eat a healthy balanced diet – children who are healthy tend to be fitter, better able to learn and more self-confident. They are also less likely to have low self-esteem and be bullied.

Our children's health pages has lots of information about: 

  • vaccinations
  • preparing for school
  • parent and child bonding
  • making sure your child is healthy
  • preventing accidents
  • when to use NHS 111, call 999 or A&E
  • common illnesses
  • where to find further information and support.

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