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Home-grown volunteers and interns get involved in the local NHS

Young people in Bradford are at the top of the local NHS’ agenda to get more people involved in volunteering, internships and work placements.

The Bradford clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have already committed funding to support ways of increasing opportunities for young people to take up formal volunteering roles in local health services.

The CCGs’ ambition is to support more people to work in the local NHS to help build a stronger workforce for the future of the district and get important feedback from the young generation.

At its governing body meeting on 14 February, Bradford Districts CCG will hear how volunteering and work placements in the NHS are making a real difference and bringing benefits to both services and the young people involved.

Grow our own - i will pledges

Over the past year the CCGs have worked with Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT) and Barnardo’s to look at the opportunities and challenges young people face in accessing voluntary work with the NHS.

Eleven volunteering placements have been set up across the CCGs, BDCFT and Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, as well as other opportunities for young people to get involved in GP services and the People’s Board. 

Plans are under way to support health services to build new mutually beneficial relationships with young people and communities; the CCGs have also supported work placements for Bradford College students, and are exploring working with interns from local universities to support programmes of work.

David Richardson, lay member for patient and public involvement at Bradford Districts CCG, said: “Volunteering and internships are a win-win for the NHS: the young people can help shape local health and social care services, drive improvements and help make them a better experience for everyone using them later on in life.

“Taking part in volunteering can offer young people a window on careers in the NHS and inspire a sense of citizenship, as well as empowering them to be more involved in their own health and wellbeing. We really want to encourage more services to offer opportunities, including work placements, to young people so we can nurture home-grown talent.”

Young people who have had experience of working with local services have also developed some top tips for commissioners and providers about youth volunteering.

Hear more about supporting young people to get into volunteering through 'grow our own' 


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