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VCS Summit - round up and next steps

VCS Summit 2016 – round up and next steps

On the 4th February, Bradford City and Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Groups came together with local voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups for our first ever VCS Summit.

More than 140 delegates attended the summit, which aimed to investigate how we can shape the future together, enabling the VCS to work innovatively with health services and the local authority in Bradford. Alongside presentations around current challenges and opportunities, there was a strong focus on networking and interaction to encourage new ideas about how to progress with joint working to provide our population with excellent person centred care.

There were many suggestions on how to take forward joint working. However, two main themes emerged which will be taken forward:

  1. The development of a ‘steering group’
  2. Work through the commissioners forum to encourage co-design

The event was so constructive, the Health and Wellbeing Forum will look at how we can create more networking opportunities between the VCS, local businesses, health services and local authorities in the future. These will ensure that suggestions for shaping the future together are progressing and making a difference to our local population.

You can view or continue the conversation from the VCS Summit on Twitter by searching #VCSSummit2016.

VCS Summit 1

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