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Swap fags for swag on No Smoking Day

Swap fags for swag on No Smoking Day

Thousands of smokers across Bradford and Airedale are being encouraged to swap fags for swag on No Smoking Day. Bradford and Airedale’s local NHS stop smoking service is preparing to support people on Wednesday13 March to help increase their chances of success.

Staff from the service will be out and about across the district, including at Bradford Royal Infirmary, St Luke’s Hospital and Airedale Hospital to talk to smokers about their habit and highlight the local sources of help and advice available to them. No Smoking Day is also being supported by local GP and dental practices, pharmacies and schools.

Now in its 30th year, the message for No Smoking Day 2013 is swap fags for swag. You will soon feel the health and financial benefits in next to no time, including:

  • after stopping smoking for 48 hours there is no nicotine left in the body, greatly improving senses of smell and taste

  • improved fitness levels making it easier to run or play with your children, family or friends

  • giving up a 20-a-day habit will save you over £45 a week and those who quit on No Smoking Day will be able to afford a new laptop or summer holiday by June after saving over £550. Quitters will save over £2,000 in a single year!

Amanda Bailey, stop smoking advisor, said:
“Each year over a million people quit smoking on No Smoking Day and our local figures show that smokers who access NHS stop smoking services to quit are four times more likely to succeed than those who try to do it on their own.

“Over 3,000 people in Bradford and Airedale stopped smoking last year but we know approximately 21% of our local population still smoke. It is vital we try to reach as many smokers as possible on No Smoking day and help them swap fags for swag.

“We know not everyone succeeds first time and our non judgmental, friendly advisors are available to support people’s needs. We have lots of clinics taking place daily across the district for those that cannot make it on the day.”

Here are some tips to help smokers quit:

  • call your local free stop smoking service on: 01274 202793 (this number will be changing to 01274 437700 from 1 April)

  • write down all the reasons you want to stop and stick it on the fridge to help you stay motivated

  • keep yourself busy

  • talk to your friends, family and workmates – support from them is essential. Why not quit together to help keep each other motivated?

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