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Residents urged to have their say over urgent dental services

Residents urged to have their say over urgent dental services

Residents across Bradford and Airedale are being urged to have their say and help shape dental services for people without a regular dentist or who need urgent care out-of-hours.

The NHS locally is asking people to help them in the task of planning a new service for the whole of West Yorkshire by sharing their experiences of unplanned or urgent dental services in their area.

There are currently five services across West Yorkshire providing unplanned or urgent dental care. These services are for people:

  • without a regular dentist who need treatment or

  • who need treatment urgently but cannot access their regular dentist, for example during a bank holiday.

The contracts for the five services, which were managed by the primary care trusts covering Airedale, Bradford, Leeds and Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield, come to an end in March 2014, and a new service needs to be provided across the whole of West Yorkshire.

All treatment for life threatening dental emergencies is accessed through the 999 service and will continue to be.

Dentist David Wood, who is leading the work to look at the new service, said:
“We are really keen to hear from people to ensure we create the right service for the future.

“There are benefits to having a West Yorkshire-wide service for patients and these will include increased choice. People will no longer be limited to accessing the service in their own district – for example, Bradford and Airedale – but will have choice across West Yorkshire. This could be an advantage if you live and work in different areas, and need to see a dentist urgently.

“We are asking residents across West Yorkshire to let us know their views before 26 April 2013. These views will then be assessed, along with information about clinical quality and financial sustainability, to plan the new service to start in spring 2014.”

  • More information and the questionnaire are available at:

  • The survey can be completed online

  • Alternatively, you can call: 01484 464025 to request a printed version.

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