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Realising Community Health Assets

Realising Community Health Assets

Bradford has a history of innovation, Bradford has strong communities and Bradford is rich in community assets. NHS Bradford City and NHS Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) want to identify opportunities to build the capacity and capability of existing and emerging community assets to enable us all to be healthier. The work aims to inform the districts future Prevention Agenda and is looking to help address local health inequalities.

What is a Community Asset? They are people, places, and organisations that help us to achieve our community goals, in this case staying healthy.

Community Health Assets could be: the pharmacist, the volunteers at the Saturday morning park run, the local swimming pool, the trail around the local woods, the toddler play group, the sports club, the food bank, the food co-op, the bikeability trainer, your bike library, the lady down the road that inspired you to start jogging again, the cook and eat trainer, the allotment society, the walkers group, the helpful person at the other end of the NHS 111 non-emergency helpline. These and many more things are community assets, all contributing to inspiring, informing and helping us to exercise regularly, eat sensibly and live full, active and healthy lives. 

The CCGs have commissioned Arise Yorkshire Limited AYL (four locality based social enterprises comprising of Bradford Trident (lead contracting body), Royds Community Association, Carlisle Business Centre and Inspired Neighbourhoods) partnering with Ysustain Limited to seek out community assets and find out what makes them tick. The intention of the research project is to inform strategic decisions that will enable Bradford to capitalise and build upon its community assets to deliver a sustainable preventative approach to better health. It will help to create a landscape which supports and people to better recognise and use the assets and resources around them to live healthier lives.

The team are looking for what makes and keeps us healthy. We are seeking out Bradford’s Community Health Assets which may be physical, cultural, social or mental assets. We are seeking activities that make us healthier and provide preventative health impacts. We are seeking Assets for self-care and beneficial health outcomes. Our inquiries are people focused and positive.

If you are or know of a Community Health Asset then please get in touch with David Wilford by email using

During the next  few weeks the research team will be contacting organisations commissioned by the CCGs and Bradford Public Health and others listed on the Directory of Voluntary Agencies (DIVA) as providing health services,  to gather information on those services provided, other known Community Assets and to undertake an Appreciative Inquiry exercise to inform future services.

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