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Patients with irregular heartbeats lead the way

Patients with irregular heartbeats lead the way

People with irregular heartbeats are leading the way in helping to help shape local health services across Bradford.

Working with clinicians from the two Bradford Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs): Bradford Districts and Bradford City, the Bradford Arrhythmia Group aims to support patients with atrial fibrillation (AF).

More than 500 people in the Bradford district are living with this potentially-fatal ‘ticking time bomb’ which puts them at risk of a sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack or stroke.

A total of 6,400 people across the district have been diagnosed with atrial Fibrillation (usually referred to as AF), but a further 500 people could be unknowingly living with the condition and have not been diagnosed. Abnormalities in the rhythm of the heart can affect four in every 100 people, over the age of 65, in the UK.

Dr Matt Fay, GP specialist in cardiology, and Bernadette Cahill, senior healthcare assistant, meet regularly with this network as part of the CCGs’ patient and public engagement work.

The Bradford Arrhythmia Group will meet on Thursday (25 July), from 2pm to 4pm, at Westcliffe Medical Centre in Shipley. Anyone interested in joining the group is welcome to come along to the meeting.

Muzahir Tayebjee, consultant cardiologist at the Yorkshire Heart Centre in Leeds, will talk about the medication available for people with AF.

Dr Fay said:
“Engaging with local communities to improve patients’ experience is one of Bradford Districts CCG’s main objectives. Patient groups, like this one, give us an opportunity to talk to people currently using health care services and to share their experiences.

“Listening and responding to people’s views are vital to help us develop the very best health care services for people with AF. We are keen to encourage people with irregular heartbeats to join us and share their experiences, so we can help improve services for them.”

For dates of the next meetings or information about this group, please contact Caroline Holmes at Arrhythmia Alliance on: 01789 450787.

Further advice about AF, go to the Arrhythmia Alliance website.

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