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Manningham Medical Practice decision overturned

Manningham Medical Practice decision overturned

A decision to close Manningham Medical Practice has been reversed by NHS Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The practice, which is based at Manningham Medical Centre in Lumb Lane, serves around 3600 patients living in BD1, BD8 and BD9 areas of Bradford and had been earmarked for closure on 30 September 2016.  

The new decision was made at a joint meeting of Bradford City and Bradford Districts CCGs’ primary care commissioning committees (PCCCs).  The meeting afforded the opportunity for the two CCGs to reflect together on the potential outcomes of their individual strategies for primary care in the Manningham area, as well as the capacity and resourcing of neighbouring practices to register additional patients.

Patients from the practice’s patient participation group also made a strong case to the CCG, saying that patients wanted local, high quality services to improve their health and wellbeing.

At the joint meeting of the PCCCs, it was agreed that that Bradford City CCG’s previous decision should be reversed to allow the re-procurement of primary care services in the Manningham area to commence. In the meantime, the existing contract with Local Care Direct will be extended until 30 April 2017.

Max Mclean, the CCG’s lay member for patient and public involvement, said:  “I am pleased that we have had the opportunity to bring our two local CCGs together to re-consider local people’s needs in the context of the wider Manningham area.

“Our decision to re-procure primary care in the Manningham area provides the opportunity to sense-check the services we buy; to ensure that they are high quality, clinically effective and capable of engaging successfully with their patients.”

Naz Shah, the Member of Parliament for Bradford West, was represented at the meeting. Speaking about the decision, she said:  "I am delighted that following my meeting with NHS commissioning managers, a successful campaign by local patients and residents as well as the clear need for investment into primary care services in the Manningham area the primary care commissioning committee has taken the bold decision to overturn a decision it had already taken.

“I welcome and applaud the decision to re-procure primary care services in the Manningham area and look forward to continue engagement with strategic partners to ensure that Bradford West constituency receives the best possible and appropriate services to meet the needs of a diverse and growing population”.

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