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Local NHS dentists to run a further access day in February for new patients

Local NHS dentists to run a further access day in February for new patients

People living in Bradford and Airedale who have not seen a dentist in the last two years are being encouraged to see an NHS dentist on the latest of a series of NHS new patient access days.

More than a third of all NHS dental practices across the district are offering appointments (which must be booked in advance) to new patients on Wednesday 13 February. A check-up and, if appropriate, a course of treatment will be offered to people who successfully book an appointment with the participating practices.

This is the latest in a series of new patient days in Bradford and Airedale, following five successful dates last year. So far over 6,500 people who had not visited a dentist for two years or more have been seen by local dentists on these access days.

This latest new patient day is the result of funding dedicated to addressing dental access issues in the district by NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds.

People can find out which practices are taking part on 13 February by visiting our dental access page or (if unable to access the internet) by calling the patient advice and liaison service (PALS) on: 01274 237555.

People can then call any of the practices to book an appointment. Each practice has a limited number of appointments to offer on 13 February on a first come, first served basis and normal NHS charges and exemptions apply.

In addition to the new patient day sessions, anyone looking for a dentist should go to the NHS Choices website. People already on a waiting list at an NHS practice in Bradford and Airedale will be allocated places as soon as possible as they become available.

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