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Local NHS clinical leaders launch women’s health web chats

Local NHS clinical leaders launch women’s health web chats

As part of the focus on improving health and wellbeing of women in Bradford, local NHS clinical leaders are launching a series of live web chats which look at the most important health issues for local women.

The live 30 minute web chats start in January 2017 and will broadcast live from the NHS in Bradford Facebook page.

One of the main aims of the live web chats is to encourage women to take time to focus on their own health and wellbeing. Often women focus on the health of their children and family and don’t see their own health as a priority. The two NHS Bradford clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) also hope that the live web chats will give women the chance to gain more understanding about the importance of their own health and wellbeing and connect with others who have similar experiences.

The first live web chat will be broadcast on the 6 January 2017, 12:30pm, and looks at the subject of ‘New Year, New You’. The subject is timely as many people look to make changes to their lifestyles in the New Year. Anyone can join the live chat and submit questions by emailing or by posting on the @NHSinBradford Facebook page. Questions and comments during the live chat are also encouraged.

Dr Anne Connolly, clinical lead for maternity and women’s health, who will be hosting the first live web chat, said, “Starting these live chats is really exciting. We are hoping that they inspire women in Bradford to make a commitment to changing their health and wellbeing for the better. By posting the chats live on Facebook they are easy to access and help women fit them in around their busy lifestyles.

It’s an opportunity for women whose voices are seldom heard to share some of the challenges and barriers they face with improving their own health and wellbeing and that of their family.

Men are also invited to submit questions and join in the live chat as they have a big influence on the health of women and in supporting their wives, daughters, mothers or friends to achieve positive health and wellbeing.”

Live women’s health web chats will be broadcast live on the first Friday of every month. Each chat will focus on specific issues that affect women in Bradford and include; breaking open taboo subjects – such as incontinence and fertility issues; cancer, maternity and mental health.

Suggestions for future web chats are also welcome. Ideas can be sent to or posted on the @NHSinBradford Facebook page

Following the live web chat, the video recording and comments will be available to view on the @NHSinBradford Facebook page.

As part of the CCG’s commitment to continuously improve women’s health and wellbeing, comments will also be fed into ‘grassroots’ reporting which informs commissioning decisions for services in Bradford.


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