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Local health commissioners tune into young people’s views

Local health commissioners tune into young people’s views

Young people in Bradford will play a key role in helping local health commissioners shape services around their unique needs.

Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is inviting a group of young people and Barnardo’s participation co-ordinator Nicola Swales to its governing body meeting on Wednesday (6 March) to share their experiences, and discuss how CCGs can work with and involve young people – in particular around mental health services – and talk about what’s important to them.

The young people have already taken part in partnership groups which aim to improve involvement in decision making, enable young people to make a difference, tackle stigma around mental health and improve how services view their users.

The three groups are: a junior group involving people aged from seven to 13 who have used child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS); U Can B Heard, a senior group with members aged between 13 and 19 who use or have used CAMHS; and a transition group.

Developing real and meaningful engagement with local people is a key priority for the CCG and, with its larger than average number of younger people, it wants to put young people’s views firmly on the agenda.
“Patient and public engagement sits at the heart of everything we do; so we’re delighted that these young people are coming to tell us what matters to them in using mental health services and how their own experiences have shaped their views ,” said Dr Akram Khan, clinical chair of Bradford City CCG.

“We have a young population profile in City and need our services to meet their needs, as well as those of many other different groups. It’s only by involving people, listening to what they say and telling them what we plan to do that we can start to change and improve services based on what people really want and need.”

Projects that the young people have been involved in recently include: mystery shopping of services including GP practices, hospital and sexual health; involvement of young people in patient participation groups; taking part in interview panels; and developing standards for CAMHS.

Bradford City CCG’s Governing Body is holding its meeting in public at the Carlisle Business Centre, Room 15, on Wednesday 6 March at 1pm. The agenda and associated papers are available on the CCG website

If you would like to tell the CCG about your experiences please contact us. Local people can also become members of their practice patient participation group or get in touch with Local Involvement Network/local Healthwatch at:

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