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Let’s talk about health: learning from Bradford patients and communities

Let’s talk about health: learning from Bradford patients and communities

Clinical leaders in the Bradford city area are meeting people from GP practices and community groups on Thursday (5 Sept) to talk about how they can influence their local health services and encourage others to have their say too.

Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to involving local people in helping to shape health services and sharing their views, so the CCG can really learn from their experiences - both good and bad.

Dr Waheed Hussain and Max Mclean, from Bradford City CCG’s governing body, have invited members of local practice patient groups and people from a range of community groups to a meeting at Carlisle Business Centre.

It is an opportunity for different people to meet each other and find out more about the CCG and how they can have a say in the important decisions it makes about healthcare services. Discussions will also centre on how a patients’ forum can be developed across the city; and exploring how a patient group network and a Citizens’ Assembly might work.

Patient and public engagement – a priority area for the CCG – will also be on the agenda with the CCG keen to hear people’s views on how it can get more people involved in the way their health services are organised and run. Getting patients involved, and the CCG learning from their experiences, can help improve the quality of healthcare services.

If you would like to tell the CCG about your experiences, please contact: Local people can also join their practice patient group or get in touch with Healthwatch Bradford and District at:

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