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Launch of new blueprint for improving people’s mental wellbeing

Launch of new blueprint for improving people’s mental wellbeing

A new blueprint for improving the mental wellbeing of people in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven will be launched on Thursday (19 Jan).

Local health and social care organisations have worked in partnership with voluntary and community services, mental health service users and carers to develop this ambitious new five-year mental wellbeing strategy which offers the best services to patients across the district and Craven.

The strategy focuses on what can be done to retain and promote good mental health, prevent mental health problems and improve the health and wellbeing of those living with and recovering from mental illnesses.

The three local NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs): Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, Bradford City and Bradford Districts have worked closely with Bradford Council to encourage people to share their experiences and say how they think things could be made better.

As a result, the new strategy includes the views of people with lived experience who have been involved in the plans to innovate and improve mental health services.

Mental health - January event imageMental health is everyone’s business and poor mental health can have a devastating impact on the quality of life for everyone involved, as well as have a significant impact on the local and national economy.

Nationally, one in four people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lifetime and one in six adults has a mental health problem at any one time. Mental health is something that affects us all - how we think and feel about ourselves and others, how we cope with difficult situations and how we manage our lives.

Alongside the core mental health services, there is also a need for local people and organisations, the NHS, local authority and the voluntary and community sector to do things that will support good mental health and wellbeing and remove barriers that prevent people from accessing care.

This includes providing choices that promote good housing and a place in the community, strengthen families, enable friendships, build networks, and support employment, activities and positive lifestyles.

A celebration event to mark the strategy’s launch is being held at the Midland Hotel, Bradford, on Thursday (19 Jan). Up to 200 people, including service users and other stakeholders, will hear an overview of the plans and enjoy music, drama and artwork produced by local service users to help illustrate the strategy.

Dr Brendan Kennedy, GP and chair of the CCGs’ group responsible for the transformation of mental health services, said: “The Government has committed to putting mental health on a par with physical health in the NHS, and we hope this strategy will be an important and ambitious step towards making that a reality on the ground.

“We understand how widespread mental health problems are – from someone experiencing a period of depression due to a personal hardship, to an individual living with long-term psychosis. This is why improving mental health outcomes for local people remains one of our top priorities.

“The strategy is a true partnership project which reflects the type of mental health and wellbeing services that local people would like to be developed. We have sense-checked our plans with service users and checked what gaps in services we need to consider, so we have a true blueprint to improve services and people’s mental wellbeing.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has given their time and energy to work with us on this strategy, which I hope gives us a strong foundation to build really great local services in partnership with the people who use them. Our aim is to create a community that will help people stay well across their lifetime, achieving and sustaining good mental health and wellbeing for all.”

The strategy - Mental wellbeing in Bradford District and Craven: a strategy 2016-2021 - covers all age ranges and has a very clear focus on promoting mental wellbeing and tackling the things that we know can cause mental ill health.

It outlines three key strategic priorities for the next five years:

  • our wellbeing: building resilience, promoting mental wellbeing and delivering early intervention
  • our mental and physical health: developing and delivering care through the integration of mental and physical health and care
  • care when we need it: ensuring that when people experience mental ill health they can access high quality, evidence-based care.
Mental health - January event image

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