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It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle – as the week-long JanUary campaign is aiming to remind people.


Make your JanUary resolution to be healthier

Make your JanUary resolution to be healthier

NHS Bradford City and Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are supporting the JanUary campaign, which runs from 11 to 17 January and aims to help the nation eat more healthily, be more active, improve our overall health and get support if we need it. 

It is led by the National Obesity Forum and replaces the National Obesity Awareness Week which has run in previous years, now aiming to reach more people than ever.

One in four adults and almost 20% of children leaving primary school are currently considered to be obese.

The campaign is asking the nation to make a New Year’s resolution of something you can do to be a bit healthier: a manageable lifestyle change that you can stick to, and that can make a difference to your health.

It ties in with the local CCGs’ campaigns – Bradford Beating Diabetes and Bradford’s Healthy Hearts – to reduce two major causes of ill health: Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Dr Chris Harris, long-term conditions lead for Bradford Districts CCG, said: “There are immense long-term benefits to eating healthily, keeping active and maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity is a major problem and has significant consequences for our long-term health – it is linked to the onset of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer. It can be avoidable for many people simply by making sensible lifestyle choices.

“The JanUary campaign has a range of advice and information on manageable ways to lose weight, eat well and keep health – so please make a resolution to do something good for your health.”

In the Bradford district, one in five people over the age of 65 dies from coronary heart disease, whilst one in two people will die of some form of vascular disease.

In Bradford Districts CCG alone, more than 41,000 people (over one in 10) are affected by high blood pressure (hypertension) – a leading cause of heart disease and stroke – whilst over 4,000 people have an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) and more than 5,000 people have experienced a stroke or mini-stroke (TIA).

There are over 8,300 registered diabetic patients in the Bradford City area with an additional 8,700 people known to be at moderate or high risk of developing the most common type of diabetes: Type 2. There are potentially a further 29,000 people still at risk of developing diabetes.

For more information about the JanUary campaign, including healthy recipes, advice on losing weight and general fitness, visit the campaign website.

For the facts about Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and to check out some healthy living tips, visit the Bradford Healthy Hearts website and the Bradford City CCG website.

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