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Improving local healthcare services for trans people

Improving local healthcare services for trans people

A new initiative is under way in West Yorkshire to find ways to provide better services, including healthcare, for trans people.

Two focus groups are being set up in Bradford on 4 June and Leeds on 6 June that are aimed at giving all trans people in West Yorkshire a voice. These groups will provide a chance to talk about any issues or experiences they may have had.

The local NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in West Yorkshire are supporting the project which aims to find out how healthcare services can be tailored to the needs of this group.

Lynne Carter, equality and diversity lead supporting the West Yorkshire CCGs, said:
"This project supports our commitment to making sure that healthcare services are accessible to all and all our service users are treated respectfully.

“We’re very keen to ask the trans community about barriers to accessing and using services they may face.”

The project has been developed by the West Yorkshire Trans Equality Multi-Agency Partnership Group which has commissioned TransBareAll (TBA), a national organisation which works to improve the health and wellbeing of trans people.

The West Yorkshire Trans Equality Multi-Agency Partnership Group is made up of organisations including the NHS, local councils, the police, housing associations and universities which have come together to make sure that their staff have the skills and confidence to tackle the issues that transgender people face.

A large national survey carried out in 2012, for example, found that 52% of the trans people who responded had experienced problems at work due to being trans or having a trans history, and 19% responded that they had been homeless at some point.
“We are encouraging anyone who has identified or currently identifies as trans or who has a trans history to take part. We want these groups to reflect the diversity of the local community. We don’t want any voices to be left out which is why it’s so important that people come and join in. This is a chance for real change to be made in services provided to trans people,” said Lee Gale, of TBA.

There will also be a survey for people to fill out so that an even wider group can be heard.

Anyone interested in taking part, or who knows someone who might be interested, can find further details at TransBareAll website, email:, call: 07528 810047 or search on Twitter and Facebook.

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