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GPs and Imams join forces to help patients manage diabetes during Ramadan

GPs and Imams join forces to help patients manage diabetes during Ramadan

Health education will be taken to the heart of the Muslim community in Bradford when an awareness event about diabetes is run by local GPs and imams.

Managing diabetes during RamadanThe event, on Tuesday 31 May, has been arranged to advise Muslim patients with diabetes about how best to control their condition while fasting during Ramadan. It is free and open to patients and people who are caring for someone with diabetes.

Actively supporting Muslims with diabetes to manage their condition during Ramadan helps to prevent potential complications during this important period of religious observance and family and community celebrations.

The Bradford clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have worked with local imams: the religious leaders of mosques, to help Muslim people with diabetes find out more information and understand how to manage their diabetes safely during Ramadan.

The CCGs are at the forefront of diabetes care since they began the Bradford Beating Diabetes (BBD) campaign to tackle the growing problem of diabetes among local people.

Dr Akram Khan, clinical chair of Bradford City CCG, said: “We hope that the combination of GPs and imams will provide Muslims with expert advice to manage their diabetes safely, as well as the opportunity and motivation to focus on their health and make positive lifestyle changes during Ramadan,” he said.

“Imams are people who have a captive audience every Friday at prayers, and mosques will be particularly full during Ramadan, so we are very pleased that they are helping us to help spread these messages about diabetes – to keep patients well informed so they can manage their condition and stay well while fasting.”

GPs and imams will deliver the event and focus on:

  • Islam and healthy living
  • fasting safely with diabetes
  • what foods are best to eat
  • keeping up with your medication
  • organisations and people who can help you
  • stalls including Diabetes UK, dietitians, podiatrists, diabetes nurses, health trainers health champions and the self-care team.

The event is on Tuesday 31 May at Grange Interlink Community Centre, Summerville Road, Bradford, from 10am to 12.30pm.

To book a place, visit the event page.

Managing diabetes during Ramadan

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