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Funding boost for community health projects

Funding boost for community health projects

NHS Bradford City CCG and Bradford Districts CCG are investing non-recurrent funding to support a range of community projects which deliver health and wellbeing support to local people.

The CCGs received over 200 bids and have reviewed each funding request. Bids which met robust scoring criteria were then considered by their governing bodies.

So far, over 40 bids have been successful, receiving just over £5 million of funding. The organisations behind the bid are now delivering grassroots community projects to help improve people’s health and wellbeing in areas where they can have the biggest impact. The projects include social groups, patient engagement workshops, training days and health road shows. A further 57 bids are being assessed by the CCGs.

Take a look at the list of successful bids to see the range of projects being supported. For more information about any of the projects, contact:

Successful bids

 Care@home, any time for nursing and care home residents
Provided by: Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, supported by a technical provider
Funding received – £336,000
Length of project – 19 months
This telehealth service will be provided in both Bradford Districts and City CCGs with support given to nursing and residential homes that look after people with long-term conditions including dementia, who find hospital admissions disorientating and distressing. The services will also be rolled out to 50 care homes in Bradford. This scheme supports these patients with a different type of service enabling them to stay within their home. It also improves patient experience and reduces the risk of hospital infections and falls, which are more prevalent in this patient group. Providing this service reduces A&E admissions and reduces the need for urgent care.

Older people’s social group and activities
Provided by: Bradford South and West Live at Home scheme
Funding received – £2,400
Length of the project – 7 months
The CCG has funded 12 armchairs to support this group which organises social groups and activities for older people.  The group aims to reduce loneliness among older people, increase self-confidence and enhance community networks through running all-day activities, which include lunch, for older people.

Engaging patients in self-care education sessions
Provided by: Dr MA Iqbal & Partners
Funding received– £32,440
Length of the project – 19 months
This service runs monthly, patient education sessions to engage and help patients manage their long-term conditions, particularly diabetes, asthma/COPD, epilepsy, heart disease and childhood obesity. Each session is delivered three times, over a three month period, in three different languages. After the three sessions, a new series will start focusing on a different condition. The sessions are held in community centres with community leaders helping to promote the groups. Doctors/nurses in relevant areas will talk about specific diseases and answer any patient questions. Once a year, an annual family day will be held, providing a fun, interesting day for the whole family.

Patient experience workshops for administrative staff
Provided by: Tong Medical Practice – Highfield Health Centre
Funding received - £1,525
Length of the project – 7 months
The aim is for the practice to take steps towards building better relationships with patients to improve their experience when visiting the practice. The practice is holding workshop sessions with its administrative staff and patient participation group members to help understand the issues faced by patients and in particular patients from ethnic minorities. During the workshops patients from minority groups will be invited to talk about their experience of using services. Following the workshops the group will produce an action plan to improve patient experience.

The live@home – Good Neighbours scheme
Provided by: Thorpe Edge Community Project
Funding received - £28,980
Length of the project – 7 months
The service identifies, engages and supports isolated, vulnerable older people whose health and wellbeing is ‘at risk’. People are identified through agencies and are offered services which include: regular contact, daily medicine prompts, home visits, post hospital visits, help filling in forms, benefits advice, hot meal/fresh produce delivery service, gardening and odd jobs, winter service support and many more. The group are also looking for volunteer buddies who will engage with the service users and help with some of the services offered. They are also looking for families, neighbours and local people to be involved in regular contact and visits.

Productive General Practice – Shaping Health
Provided by: Avicenna Medical Practice
Funding received - £135,000
Length of the project – 19 months
The practice is aiming to complete a productive general practice product via NHS Improving Quality. The package is the minimum support package which will help the practice to carry out internal checks to look at capacity and capability within the practice team. It will improve patient experience and care and make the practice operate more efficiently. The CCG has agreed that all City practices would have the opportunity to join the programme and are working with the provider to enable this.

Mind outreach programme: WRAP groups
Provided by: Mind in Bradford
Funding received - £42,264
Length of the project – 19 month
This service provides support for over 200 adults in the Bradford district with emotional and mental health issues. They run a drop-in centre in Manningham and have just started to run groups on mental and emotional health in children’s centres, schools, community centres etc. The WRAP groups are individual to each venue and focus on the problems identified in the group. People who are identified as being at risk of specific issues are invited to the session to gain more of an understanding about that issue and mental health in general.

Primary care education programme for GPs
Provided by: The Ridge Medical Practice
Funding receivd - £49,200
Length of the project – 19 months
Sessions are being held at The Ridge Medical Practice to give GPs extra information and knowledge on particular conditions, giving them a greater understanding of when to refer patients and overall provide better primary care. The sessions will be on joint and muscle pain, gynaecology, neurology and headache, epilepsy, dermatology (skin conditions) and child health.

Challenging pain course
Provided by: The Ridge Medical Practice
Funding received - £2,500
Length of the project – 7 months
Working closely with Arthritis UK the service will provide six courses each lasting five hours free to patients across all three CCGs. The course, centred on arthritis, will cover: pain management therapies, preventing tiredness, managing stress, setting personal long-term goals, problem solving skills, importance of keeping active, improving communications, medication and alternative therapies, information on local resources.

Bradford Doula programme
Provided by: Action for Community Ltd
Funding received - £49,482
Length of project – 19 months
Bradford birth doula scheme provides non-judgemental, consistent and tailored information as well as physical and emotional support for women before, during and after labour. Women will be referred to a doula woman by local midwives, social workers, children’s centres and GPs and where possible will be teamed with someone from a similar background. They will receive an average of 30 hours of support through weekly activities from six weeks before to six weeks after the birth plus support during labour and birth if required. The doula women do not give medical or clinical advice but act as more of a best friend to help women make positive choices for themselves and their baby. Weekly activities include: weekly visits, accompanying women to GP/antenatal classes, emotional support, breastfeeding support, financial, benefits and re-homing advice, plus more.

Street Medical Service for Bradford’s homeless
Provided by: Bevan Healthcare CIC
Funding received - £152,620
Length of project – 19 months
Bevan Healthcare CIC provides holistic primary and social care for homeless people, asylum seekers and refugees in Britain. The Street Medicine Team in Bradford is a pilot scheme taking healthcare to the streets where it is more accessible for homeless people. The service will include a GP, a physical health nurse and a mental health nurse. The mobile facility will be open six hours a week with local city centre pharmacies providing rooms for interviews or examinations.

Diabetes patient road show
Provided by: Dr Gilkar and Partner
Funding received - £39,116
Length of project – 7 months
The diabetes team is aiming to organise road shows for Bradford City CCG practices for people with diabetes. Every diabetes road show will include:
- A clinician – who will provide an interactive, educational presentation on diabetes.
- A specialist dietician – who will talk about the importance of healthy living, healthy ways to cook (especially Asian food) and provide taster dishes to show nutritious food can taste good.
- Health trainer – who will provide advice about the importance of exercise.
- Expert patient in diabetes – who will show a positive role model for patients on how diabetes can be overcome by self help, self-care and following with medical advice and treatment.

Diabetes self-care folder and coaching
Provided by: Royal National Institute of Blind People
Funding received - £122,935
Length of project – 19 months
This scheme includes two elements: first it provides a self-care folder designed for people with diabetes aged 40+ living in the most disadvantaged communities. Written in clear simple English, it will include pictures and simple diagrams. The second element is the delivery of a programme to develop the coaching skills of the healthcare staff who work with and support patients with their diabetes care. The folder provides the focus for a targeted conversation between the clinician and the patient.

Peer support training development
Provided by: CONTACT peer support service
Funding received - £25,285
Length of project – 7 months
Contact is a peer support/advocacy service which is run by disabled people for disabled people. The support work enables disabled people to have the opportunity to discuss the issues affecting their lives, talk about options available and work out a way forward. Training is also given to help build confidence, self-esteem and communication skills which enable people to play a bigger part in society and improve their quality of life.

Baby Rockers
Provided by: Rockwell and Wrose Practice
Funding received - £1,090
Length of project – 7 months
Baby Rockers was a health promotion event held at the Rockwell and Wrose Practice, targeting expectant mums and people with young children (under one). This event had workshops, speakers and health promotion stalls. Information included breastfeeding, managing common conditions, benefits advice, lifestyle advice and relationships. A free first aid tin was also given to families who attended which contained simple first aid remedies e.g. plasters, calamine cream and antiseptic wipes.

Healthier Women, Healthier Communities
Provided by: Women Zone Community Centre
Funding received - £113,673
Length of project – 19 months
Healthier Women, Healthier Communities aims to create sustainable community support, encouraging women to engage in community life. The service will be delivered in Womenzone’s catchment area to engage users to improve their understanding and management of health/long term conditions. It will focus on specific communities: Bengali, Pakistani/Indian and Eastern European.

Urgent care communications
Provided by: Bradford Districts CCG and Bradford City CCG
Funding received - £80,000
Length of project – 19 months
Urgent care communications will take a varied approach in the form of leaflets, radio campaigns and community education events. It will send out a variety of messages including reminding people to pick up prescriptions over bank holidays and promoting the range of healthcare available across the district. Urgent care is no longer seasonal, so the communications plan will be running throughout the year.

Provided by: The Thornbury Centre/Community Works/The Children’s Society Mortimer House/ Thorpe Edge community project
Funding received - £106,386
Length of project – 19 months
CARE provides health and wellbeing services with an emphasis on women and children. It aims to tackle the underlying causes of health inequalities/poor health outcomes with particular focus on new Roma communities. The CARE project will provide Roma/EU health workers to support Roma women and children and four welfare and debt advice drop-ins at two children’s centres each week.

CEELS (Central and Eastern European Liaison Service) for health
Provided by: Action for Business Ltd
Funding received - £58,438
Length of project – 19 months
This service aids communication and acts a link between central and eastern European communities and the health service providers. This enables improved health services to these communities and develops a good working relationship with them to further improve the service. The service will hold events, send newsletters, liaise with communities and raise awareness.

Integrated care records
Provided by: Bradford Council
Funding received - £205,000
Length of project – 19 months
The council will develop an integrated care record with NHS partners to form one single patient/service user record. This will support the delivery of joined-up care across the district.

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) health strategic lead
Provided by: VAWG health strategy steering group
Funding received - £70,540
Length of project – 19 months
VAWG recommends that primary care should ensure women and children who are experiencing violence and abuse are provided with information which helps them to access specialist services quickly and safely. The plan is to establish a strategic lead across all primary care providers and NHS trusts in Bradford, Airedale, Craven and Wharfedale to put in place effective and integrated systems to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to the health needs of women and girls experiencing violence and abuse.

MSK training programme
Provided by: Bingley Medical Centre
Funding received - £26,215
Length of project – 19 months
Royal College of General Practice and Arthritis UK are offering training to GPs in all 41 practices in Bradford City CCG and Bradford Districts CCG on musculoskeletal (MSK) medicine. This aims to increase GPs skills to provide consistent MSK care in primary care. The course is made up of three parts. First there is an e-learning module followed by a days training course and a toolkit is then given to each GP to take back to their surgeries.

Promoting and improving home safety in Bradford district
Provided by: Bradford Council, Public Health and Bradford Safeguarding Children’s Board
Funding received - £190,000
Length of project – 19 months
Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death and disability in children and young people. This scheme targets 1,400 families in vulnerable areas to provide home safety equipment plus information, advice and installation. This could include stair gates, fire guards, cupboard locks and blind cord winders.

Alleviating poor nutrition in severely deprived children in Bradford City and Bradford Districts CCGs
Provided by: Bradford Council – Child Poverty Board
Funding received - £219,000
Length of project – 19 months
The scheme aims to work with 12 primary schools that have significant numbers of children not entitled to free school meals in deprived areas.  Some children go to school with no breakfast or lunch and this initiative aims to put breakfast clubs in schools, provide mid-morning snacks for younger children and free school lunches for those who need it. It will also develop three family food and growing hubs and try to improve families’ nutrition.

Development of patient group network(s) and a baseline measure of engagement in Bradford Districts and Bradford City CCGs’ areas
Provided by: Bradford City CCG and Bradford Districts CCG
Funding received - £45,000
Length of project – 19 months
This service aims to ensure that community and patient views, interests and needs are central to the work of both CCGs in priority areas. It will take a three pronged approach: 1) form a baseline survey of engagement, 2) develop and strengthen patient groups in each CCG, 3) support the involvement and participation of all patients and communities. Through this the CCG can develop responsive and appropriate services, driving innovation and good practice.

Patient education events
Provided by: Westcliffe Medical Practice and Shipley Medical Practice
Funding received - £16,000
Length of project – 19 months
Westcliffe Medical Practice will be holding patient education events. There will be 19 events, each focusing on a different issue. Some of the proposed future events are ‘Save a baby’s life and ‘Your wellbeing’. Each workshop will be run by healthcare professionals.

Enable2 video interpreting service
Provided by: Enable2 Community Interest Company
Funding received - £49,423
Length of project – 19 months
This service aims to develop and deliver quality assured video interpretation. This will improve the flow of communication and help patients better understand their condition. Enable2 currently offers interpreting in 82 languages and its pool of interpreters are all qualified. The service will be bookable in advance sessions for all languages and for South Asian languages and the most requested Eastern European languages instant access sessions are available.

Healthier Lives
Provided by: Khidmat Centre
Funding received - £87,208
Length of project – 19 months
Throughout Bradford there is an extensive and expansive network of mosques. There are 90 recognised mosques and local communities visit them up to five times a day for prayers; this makes them a key place to target the growing South Asian population with health messages. There are three strands to this plan – 1) engage, train and empower 60 Imams to incorporate and deliver a health based education/awareness programme through the mosques network with a key focus on prevention, 2) offer a regular programme of health checks, 3) to establish three mosque-based health clubs as part of a pilot scheme.

Increasing anticoagulant rates for people with atrial fibrillation (AF) through clinical pharmacist-run patient decision support clinics
Provided by: Prescribing Support Services Ltd
Funding received - £29,250
Length of project – 19 months
This proposal aims to increase the number of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) receiving oral anticoagulants (OACs) through a clinical pharmacist-run patient support clinic. Potential clients for OACs will be agreed with GPs and invited to a clinical pharmacist-run OAC decision clinic where treatment will be discussed. This pharmacist will offer a 30-minute consultation where all options will be explained and a second appointment can be arrange to give the patient time to consider their choices. The clinics will be run from the patient’s GP practice.

Dietary Bus Stop
Provided by: Ashwell Medical Centre
Funding received - £23,520
Length of project – 7 months
Ashwell Medical Centre will have the HALE outreach bus at the centre for half a day a week and it will work in partnership with the practice-based services. Patients will use the facilities on the bus as a ‘one stop shop’. When patients visit the GP practice for a diabetic review they will go to the bus for a first consultation, action planning and arrange a series of follow-up visits to the bus. The bus will provide dietary advice, ideas and training for patients and can offer both one-to-one and group sessions.

Inn Churches Winter Shelter
Provided by: Inn churches
Funding received - £55,000
Length of project – 19 months
Inn churches uses available space in churches to welcome, feed and support the homeless during the winter months. They have provided 5,000 bed spaces so far and are trying to tackle the health inequalities faced by rough sleepers. They also work with agencies to find provisions for rough sleepers in hostels, statutory agencies and private accommodation.

Community Pharmacy minor ailments scheme
Provided by: Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire
Funding received - £98,880
Length of project – 19 months
A community pharmacy minor ailment scheme is a locally tailored scheme where patients are encouraged to visit a community pharmacy rather than their GP or urgent care for a defined list of minor ailments. The pharmacies will be able to supply medication or refer the patient to a GP if necessary.

Telephone coaching for patients with long-term conditions
Provided by: Local Care Direct - Turning point
Funding received - £133,072
Length of project – 19 months
The service aims to provide support and guidance to enable patients to manage their long term conditions and covers factors such as lifestyle change, medication management and access to appropriate services. It will be delivered by structured telephone calls with a trained healthcare professional. It can be a self-confined service or be used to supplement other forms of telehealth.

Delivery of an Expert Patient Programme
Provided by: Bradford City CCG
Funding received - £25,000
Length of project – 19 months
The Expert Patient Programme is a peer led self-care support programme for people living with any long-term condition. It can also be tailored for their carers and families. The aim is to support people by increasing their confidence; improving their quality of life and helping them manage their condition more effectively.  It is designed to work with two groups: young carers aged 14-17 who are caring for someone with a long term condition, and people aged 18 and above with long-term conditions.

To provide dermoscopy assessment in primary care
Provided by: Bingley Medical Centre
Funding received - £8,087
Length of project – 7 months
This service provides dermoscopy assessments in primary care to improve patient care and experience by:
-    reducing unnecessary referrals for benign lesions
-    enable earlier identification of malignant melanoma
-    improve the accuracy of assessment for malignant melanoma
-    remove unnecessary anxiety and inconvenience for the patients attending a skin cancer clinic at short notice
-    reduce travel and waiting times by offering a local service instead of attending St Luke’s Hospital.

Children’s transition in healthcare
Provided by: Transition Working Group (Bradford District Care Trust, Bradford Council, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Patients’ Forum)
Funding received - £389,697
Length of project – 19 months
In the Bradford district there is strong evidence that there is a much higher prevalence of childhood disability and a wide range of complex health needs compared to regional and national rates. There is also an indication that this number is going to increase, especially children of South Asian origin. This service aims to improve the transition between paediatrics and primary care.

Therapy-led early support discharge for stroke patients
Provided by: Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Funding received - £738,612
Length of project – 19 months
This service provides therapy-led early supported discharge for patients, across all inpatient environments. It provides pathways of care for patients transferred from an in-patient facility to a primary care setting (in the majority of cases their own homes).

Visual function assessment in school of children with learning difficulties
Provided by: Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Funding received - £12,895
Length of project – 19 months
This service offers eye tests to children aged 6-12 years old who attend special schools. Children with chronic diseases and learning difficulties are at a higher risk of visual impairment. In Bradford there are 262 children from three schools who will benefit from the scheme.

Intermediate care Virtual Ward expansion
Provided by: Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Funding received - £651,750
Length of project – 19 months
The virtual ward is a hospital led model, working closely with social care to deliver care which normally would have required the person to be admitted to hospital. The focus of a virtual ward is to avoid admission and promote faster supported discharge from hospital. The virtual ward will be the main link between hospital care and primary care for patients with long-term conditions who are at higher risk of admissions to hospital; there will also be a focus on the frail elderly and anyone who needs intermediate care.

Primary care access assessment and implementation strategy to improve access
Provided by: Productive Primary Care Ltd (PPC)
Funding received - £168,000
Length of project – 19 months
The aim is to provide a bespoke GP access support programme to enable all practices to take part in an exercise to assess their current access situation and help implement action plans. It will initially focus on four key areas: activity, backlog, capacity and demand. A tailor-made plan will be made to deal with each issue.



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