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Focus on irregular heartbeats at Shipley open day

Focus on irregular heartbeats at Shipley open day

People can learn more irregular heartbeats when two Shipley-based GP practices hold an arrhythmia open day on 9 June.

Westcliffe Medical Practice Cardiology Service are inviting people to come along and find out more atrial fibrillation (AF), which is a potentially fatal ‘ticking time bomb’ which can put people at risk of a sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack or stroke.

Over 6,000 people across the district have been diagnosed with AF, but a further 500 people could be unknowingly living with the condition and have not been diagnosed. Abnormalities in the rhythm of the heart can affect four in every 100 people, over the age of 65, in the UK.

On the day, there will be pulse checks, first aid and resuscitation demonstrations, information leaflets, and health professionals on hand to answer any questions. 

iStock_000071180629_SmallMembers of the Bradford Arrhythmia Group, which supports patients with AF, will also be there to talk to people and hand out ‘Know your pulse’ booklets.

Bernie Cahill, assistant practitioner, Westcliffe Cardiology Service, said: “We hope that people will drop in on the day to find out more about AF and how to be aware of it, as it really is one of those conditions that can have devastating effects if someone doesn’t know they have it.

“Developing the very best healthcare services for people with AF is important to us, and we’re always keen to encourage people with irregular heartbeats to join us and share their experiences, so we can help improve services for them.”


The open day, which is free to attend, is on Thursday 9 June, from 10am to 4pm, at Shipley Medical Practice.

More advice about AF can be found here

Bradford’s Healthy Hearts website also has a lot of useful information about how to keep your heart healthy: 

Further information:

  • there are over 6,400 patients across Bradford and Airedale with a diagnosis of AF.
  • approx. 500 people with AF across Bradford and Airedale have not been diagnosed.
  • incidence varies widely across practices and is closely linked to age – the chance of having AF increases markedly as you get older.
  • approx. 1,200 emergency admissions are due to AF each year; a significant number of which will be due to a stroke.



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