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Don't just survive, Thrive!

Don't just survive, Thrive!

New mental health resource for young people in Bradford area

Life can be tough and confusing for everyone at times, but especially so for teenagers. Barnardo’s in Bradford has launched a new website to help young people navigate through their teenage years – it is called Thrive Bradford

The site was launched at the Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Governing Body meeting on Wednesday 11th of November, with some of the young people who have assisted in the development present, along with Barnardo’s Queens Road Healthy Minds staff.

This site has been commissioned by NHS Bradford CCG and developed in partnership by Barnardo’s, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, Bradford Council and Yoomee Digital Ltd for the young people of Bradford. It is specifically designed to work on mobile phones, as well as PCs and laptops.

Nicola Swales, Manager of Barnardo’s Healthy Minds service in Bradford, which has developed the site, said: “Thrive Bradford is designed to provide vital support, information and guidance about the transition into adulthood for young people aged 13 - 19 across the Bradford District - especially the transition from child to adult mental health services.

“It has a special focus on emotional health and mental health because when we’ve asked young people they’ve said that education, employment, relationships and socialising have a real impact on their emotional and mental health - and their ability to cope into adulthood.”

The site has been developed with the support and input of a group of young people from Barnardo’s who raised the issue of the transition between Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and adult mental health services when they attended a City CCG Governing Body meeting. That was to enable young people to make a difference, tackle stigma around mental health and improve how services view their users.

The group helped develop the content and design of the site and took part in the Beta testing to test out the accessibility of the tool.

Bethany Jones, 16 years old, who was part of the group said: “This site will help us find out about services that can support us as we grow up and will make the move into using them easier. It will be a useful guide about services in Bradford and will teach us how to stay well and put us in charge of our own health.

“We are turning to technology more and more, such as our phones and computers, to find out information that we want, when we want it and at our own speed. Because it is private, we do not have to rely on others to decide to give us the information we have a right to, and it is confidential - rather than picking up a leaflet which anyone can see you do.”

Dr Angela Moulson, clinical speciality lead for mental health at Bradford City CCG, said: “It’s vital to encourage resilience and mental health wellbeing in young people; and most of this centres round relationships, education and employment - not traditional medicine. I’m very happy that this is being recognised and a website will be used to spread the word. It’s also important that young people moving from CAMHS to adult mental health services are well supported as services are different and the change can be difficult for some.”

All content on Thrive Bradford has been written in partnership with CAMHS specialist clinicians and educational psychologists from Bradford Council. It reflects Barnardo’s commitment to using digital solutions to help children and young people access information.

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