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District-wide Healthy Weight Programme to kick start New Year

District-wide Healthy Weight Programme to kick start New Year

Bradford Council is launching its New Year Healthy Weight Programme across the district which aims to transform people’s lives by helping them achieve a healthy weight.

The groups, based in Shipley, Keighley and Bradford, include information, support and guidance around healthy eating; meal planning, shopping, cooking and being active.

The programme, run over twelve weeks, helps people lose weight by making small, sustainable adjustments to their lifestyle.

Excess weight and obesity are linked with a higher risk of developing a range of conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, as well as mental health problems such as low mood and depression.

Alison Moore, Senior Public Health Manager for Bradford Council, said:

“Making the right lifestyle choices can make a real difference to your New Year - helping you feel healthier, happier and giving you more energy.

“The healthy weight programme isn’t about dieting. It’s about making the right choices to ensure you’re eating healthily and getting the right amount of exercise, even if that’s just walking a little bit more.

“The course gives you the tools to take control of your lifestyle so you can achieve safe and sustainable weight loss. This will make you feel good about yourself and give you more confidence to achieve your objectives.

“By making a number of small steps, we can help people stay motivated and make a positive difference to the people who come and join our courses.”

For more information on joining a healthy weight programme, please 01274 435388.


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