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City health commissioners go back to school for NHS debate

City health commissioners go back to school for NHS debate

The NHS was on the timetable for lively debate when Bradford city clinical commissioners went back to school to find out what pupils think of local healthcare and how they want to be involved in shaping future services.

Dr Waheed Hussain and Max Mclean, from Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), visited Kings Science Academy, in Lidget Green, as part of the pupils’ ‘Making Bradford Better’ project.

A group of 50 pupils, aged 12 to 14, quizzed Waheed and Max on how children and young people can influence healthcare services and help to promote healthy lifestyles.

The CCG was invited to take part in the project along with Bradford Council and the region’s police and crime commissioner.

As well as answering some tough questions from the pupils, Waheed and Max also encouraged them to get involved in shaping local services and keep in touch with the CCG.
“It was a really good experience to meet this enthusiastic group of young people,” said Max, lay member for patient public involvement. “I was extremely impressed by how well they had prepared for our visit and their shared goal to ‘Make Bradford Better’.

“They recognised the health inequalities across the district and had strong and creative views about how to help us improve the health of local people. I hope that visits to schools, like this one, will continue and help us to reach younger audiences and enhance our patient and public involvement.”

After the visit, Waheed updated the CCG’s clinical board about the issues raised and how the CCG could strengthen its links with young people to make sure everyone’s views are heard.

Anyone who wants to get involved in the CCG can use the feedback form or follow them on Twitter @NHSBfdCityCCG.


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