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Bradford smokers urged to cut risk of diabetes by quitting their habit

Bradford smokers urged to cut risk of diabetes by quitting their habit

Smokers in Bradford city are being urged to quit their habit during Stoptober to cut the risk of developing diabetes.

Bradford Beating Diabetes is backing this year’s mass stop smoking campaign – Stoptober – to help reduce the number of people putting themselves at risk of Type 2 diabetes and many other serious and fatal diseases.

The diabetes campaign is run by NHS Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).
Dr Kulpana Patel, clinical diabetes champion, said: “We’re backing Stoptober because smoking is such a risk factor for diabetes, as well as many other diseases.

“It’s a simple message: if you have diabetes and you smoke, you are more likely to have serious health problems from diabetes.

“No matter what type of diabetes you have, smoking makes your diabetes harder to control. If you are a smoker with diabetes, quitting smoking will benefit your health right away – people with diabetes who quit have better control of their blood sugar levels.”

Smoking is proven to be an independent risk factor for diabetes, and among diabetes patients it increases the risk of complications.

Diabetes complications already include heart disease, stroke and circulation problems. Smoking adds to the risk of developing all of these things.

In some cases smoking can double the likelihood of these conditions, as well as doubling the chances of suffering from kidney problems and erectile dysfunction. For patients with diabetes, the major cause of death is cardiovascular disease.

The Bradford Beating Diabetes campaign aims to raise awareness of the disease and to prevent people from developing it. It also supports those who are currently being treated for diabetes, ensuring they receive the correct health care in order to manage their symptoms and prevent any related, serious conditions from developing.

By identifying those people who are at high risk of developing diabetes, it allows them to learn and adopt simple, effective health and lifestyle changes which will significantly reduce their chances of developing diabetes.

This support and awareness campaign has also allowed the correct care to be given to new diabetic patients while raising awareness of diabetes in the community as a whole.

As a result of the campaign, there are now nearly 800 newly-diagnosed patients in the city. Many of these have been enrolled on intensive lifestyle change programme (ILCP) sessions, run by specially-trained BBD champions - a mix of volunteers, practice staff, health trainers and people who have all previously worked as health champions – all of whom are now committed to making sure people receive the right treatment and support.

If you live in Bradford city and are worried you may be at risk of developing diabetes, ask your GP about a diabetes risk assessment. You are more at risk if you are a smoker, are overweight, over 40 or of south Asian ethnicity.

Last year, Stoptober helped almost 2,000 people take a step towards quitting with over 1,200 quitting for good. For more information, people can contact Bradford’s stop smoking service on 01274 437700 or sign up to the challenge at:

The 2013 campaign saw 250,000 people across the country take part and 65% of those quitting successfully for 28 days. Across the Bradford district 1,885 people signed up to take part in Stoptober 2013. Public Health England hopes even more people will get involved this year by searching ‘Stoptober’ online and signing up.

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