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Bradford clinical leaders report on their first year of business

Bradford clinical leaders report on their first year of business

People living in Bradford will have a chance to ask the NHS groups responsible for buying healthcare services for the area any questions they have, at their first annual general meetings (AGMs) this month.


Members of NHS Bradford City and NHS Bradford Districts clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will use their first AGMs to report back on their first year in business and address some of the future challenges facing the NHS both locally and nationally.


Bradford City CCG’s meeting will be held on Tuesday 16 September and Bradford Districts CCG’s meeting is on Wednesday 24 September. As part of the AGMs the CCGs will present their first annual report and annual accounts for 2013/14.


The meetings will give people an opportunity to hear about the CCGs’ achievements over the last 12 months, the challenges they have faced and their vision for the future.


One of the biggest changes between the CCGs and its predecessor organisations is the ongoing involvement with local patients, their families, carers, representatives and members of the public. People are helping the CCGs to decide how to spend their money and helping them to make sure that services commissioned are of a high quality.


Bradford Districts CCG’s vision is better health for the people of Bradford and during 2013/14 it focused on:


  • avoiding preventable deaths caused by cardiovascular disease

  • helping people with long-term conditions to live better lives

  • improving the patient experience within primary and secondary care.


Dr Andy Withers, clinical chair of Bradford Districts CCG, said: “It’s been a busy first year for us. We have established ourselves as a brand new organisation and quickly got to grips with our role as commissioners – planning and buying high quality health services for local people.


“One of our key areas of focus is improving the engagement of local people and I’m proud that we’ve encouraged so much public involvement in our work over the past year. We want people to understand how, why and where things are happening and for them to help us shape services for the future.”

Bradford City CCG’s vision is reducing health inequalities for all and during 2013/4 it focused specifically on:

  • tackling diabetes; and

  • engaging with local people.


Clinical chair of Bradford City CCG, Dr Akram Khan, said: “Over the past year we have focused on our vision to reduce health inequalities for all and turning our key priorities into real actions that are making a positive difference to local people.


“We have set out an ambitious programme which focuses on reducing the incidence of diabetes, encouraging more patient engagement and tackling the early number of deaths from heart and lung diseases and stroke. There are many challenges ahead but we have made a good start and are now leading improvements in services that everyone wants to see.”


People are welcome to attend the meetings and put questions to the CCGs at the meetings on the following dates:


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