Meet the board

Meet the members of the public who make up our people's board. Find out more about them, their experiences and why they chose to become a member of the board. 

involving-youAbdul Ismail 

I have a strong personal commitment to the NHS and my voluntary service on various bodies is reflective of this.  Currently I am serving as a Governor on the Board of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, contributing to the work of the Foundation, supporting the local health initiatives and promoting excellence in delivering the most important health services in the District. I have also served as a member of Community Health Council. I am very passionate about high quality patient care. I have learned a lot by communicating with patients, staff, visiting wards and obtaining comments that has contributed towards improving services in health.

Adam Deacon 

speech-pink2I'm a dedicated social worker and volunteer, with a lifetime of supporting and promoting wellbeing of others. That's why I'm so proud to be on The People's Board.

Aishaq Asurtee

q2Profile - coming soon!

involving-you2David Gorol

Hello I’m David and I’m from Slovakia. I have been living in England for the past 12 years. My backroad and my heart is for the Eastern European Roma community in Bradford, for the past 12 years I have been involved in the project to help the Eastern European Roma community in Bradford and across. The most important thing for me is to help our Roma community understand the English system and for them to be able to adapt and live in this community. Especially to make them understand how the NHS system works and for their voice to be heard.

Emma Stafford

q2Hi, my name is Emma Stafford and I chair Shipley and Westcliffe Patient Participation Group. I am also a member of the Bradford District Patient Network and work full-time managing volunteers for a national charity. I believe that patients should be at the heart of Clinical Commissioning Group decision-making and the only way to make this a reality is to ensure patient voices are heard where it matters so they have the ability to truly influence services. I think the People’s Board is an exciting step in the right direction and I am proud to be a part of it.

Gary Staniforth

speech-pink2My name is Gary Staniforth I am the founder and chief executive of The Hidden Homeless Ltd, a soon to be registered Charity that supports the most vulnerable in our city. We deliver life coaching mentoring and recovery groups along with some creative sessions, to give people a voice we also have a magazine “hidden voices".

I have been involved in the third sector at strategic levels for a number of years and I sit on many boards including the NAT national advisory council with Homeless Link in London, the homeless core group with Bradford Council, the pathway team board with NHS Bevan Heathcare, Briccs and Horton Housing. As well as the out of courts settlements / disposals scrutiny panel with Lord Patel and West Yorkshire police. I also sit on the West Yorkshire Finding Independence board as a rep for service users.

I have become a member of the people's board as I see this as a new opportunity to help develop local services and shape the way Bradford and the NHS work together with the voluntary sector in system change and the social care aspect of working with the most vulnerable in our society in the hope we do things better and more collaboratively. 

involving-youHuma Malik

My name is Huma Malik currently I am in my third year of university. I also peer mentor and volunteer for Barnardos' healthy minds participation. I am also WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) facilitator. The reason I chose to be on the board as a young person myself I feel it is important for young people’s voices to be heard and to try get them involved in having their say about what effects them.

Humera Khan 

speech-pink2Profile - coming soon!

 Mark Edwards 

q2I am a retired dentist and active member of my medical practice’s patient group. I am on the people’s board to bring patient involvement to the heart of the CCG decision making process.

involving-you2Mohammed Akthar

I have worked within the community for the past 30 years and I am currently working as a community centre manager which involves managing services for older people. This involves helping improve quality of life of older people through preventative work in partnership with NHS, CCG and Bradford Council. I am also involved in encouraging local mosques to help engage local communities to take part in and benefit from these initiatives and have their say.

Mohammed Mahboob

q2Profile - coming soon!

Rubina Burham

 speech-pink2I am passionate about community issues and have a long history of working with people to ensure that individual rights are protected. I am an active member of the community and have helped to set up constituted organisations. I have actively fought on behalf of communities with regards to social policy issues. I have also represented clients at benefit tribunals.

I work within the heart of the community and feel that I have a very good understanding of the needs of local people and services.  Currently I am managing Girlington Community Centre and Girlington Advice and Training Centre.

involving-youSally Teasdale 

My name is Sally Teasdale and I work for a local organisation called Better Start Bradford. We work with expectant mums and families who have children up to the age of 4, across Bowling and Barkerend, Little Horton and Bradford Moor.

I chose to be on the board because this role enthuses me - it’s a new position, therefore a chance for community views and involvement and “shaping” right from the beginning. Due to a long term medical condition, I have a sound experience of being a regular user of both hospital and GP services. My paid employ also supports parents and residents to have a voice on how local services are delivered. I believe that’s key on making sure we are getting things right for local people, in the way services are run for them.

Gerald Sam Samociuk

speech-pink2PPG Chair @ Baildon Medical Practice and Network member. I would like to help to establish systems whereby integrated care services are truly co-produced in response to patients and carers needs.

Shanaz Begum

q2I chose to put myself forward to become a board member so that I can contribute and influence the decisions made about NHS services and ensuring patient opinion and care is central to this. I am passionate about improving services and delivering better outcomes for patients.

involving-you2Stella Hall

Governor and chair of the patient participation group at Idle Medical Centre. 

Violetta Wagner 

Profile - coming soon!

Wendy Parkin

I am chair of the Wilsden patient participation group and a member of various CCG committees and help with planning for the network meetings.

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