Women's health network

Bradford City and Bradford Districts CCGs have supported the development of a women's health network to identify and address health issues and inequalities affecting women and their families living in Bradford.

The network has been set up by Bradford & District Community Empowerment Network (CNet), a local voluntary and community organisation) who have been given a grant by the CCGs to support the development of the network. 

The women's health network will create the opportunity to establish and maintain dialogue with our local community on the issues that are most important to them. This will then help us to develop women's services. 

Over the last few months, the project development team, working with CNet, reached out to as many women as possible from the diverse communities within Bradford. They worked hard to meet with those women whose voices and experiences are often missed. They also worked with organisations who support women and work with women across the Bradford area.

Women's health network

The women's health network will: 

  • identify and better understand the issues that impact on why women choose to access health services and why they choose not to;
  • identify any gaps in services which exist;
  • work collectively with the Bradford CCGs to design and develop services which meet the needs of local women;
  • work with local communities and organisations to ensure assets (resources, properties, skills and talents) within communities to improve women's health are maximised;
  • make sure important health messages are clear, easy to understand and are shared effectively;
  • create opportunities to help women improve not only their own health and wellbeing but that of their family and friends.

Further information

Clinical priorities workshop, 25th May 2016

Interim progress report

Final report

You can find out more about the women's health network on the CNet website, including copies of presentations and previous press releases about the network. 

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