What we spend and how we spend it

This class contains financial information on projected and actual income, budgets and expenditure, procurement, tendering and contracts. It also includes information on financial audits of our CCG, accounts for the current and last three years and details of allowances and expenses which board members and staff can claim.

Financial statements, budgets and variance reports

Our financial statements, budgets and variance reports can be found in our finances section.  

Expenditure over £25,000 by month

As part of the Government’s commitment to greater transparency, there is a requirement to publish online, central government expenditure above £25,000. HM Treasury has confirmed that this requirement also applies to NHS organisations.

Please note there are certain exemptions. For further details of these, refer to the guidance issued by HM Treasury.

Further details of the initiative can be found on the government website.

Financial audit reports

The annual external audit report can be found in our annual report and accounts and our governing body papers. It reports on compliance with accounting policies, NHS England Manual for Accounts requirements, appropriate use of funding and value for money.

Capital programme

The CCG does not have a capital programme.

Staff and board member allowances

Details of board members’ allowances and expenses and senior staff expenses can be found in our annual report and accounts.

Staff pay and grading structures

Agenda for Change (AfC) is the current NHS grading and pay system for all NHS staff (excluding doctors, dentists and some senior managers). You can find the current AfC pay rates here.

Details of reimbursement of travel costs and subsistence allowances for NHS Employees can be found in the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook.

Senior staff pay, grading structures and pay multiples are published in the remuneration report of the annual report.

Funding including endowment funds

Details of funding can be found in our annual report.  

Procurement and tendering procedures

You can find the details of our procurement and tendering procedures in our procurement policy.

List of contracts awarded and their values

The following contracts have been awarded after procurement:

Details of contracts currently being tendered

Contracts currently available for public tender are advertised on the OJEU website and Contracts Finder.

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