Our policies and procedures

This class contains our current written policies, procedures and protocols which guide the delivery of our services.  It includes information such as codes of practice, memoranda of understanding, and standards of service and complaints procedure.  Also included are our policies on equality and diversity, health and safety, information governance, record retention and data protection.

Members of NHS Boards, Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies and NHS Managers are expected to meet core standards of conduct. The following documents have been developed to guide managers in the work they do and the decisions and choices they have to make and to reassure the public that these important decisions are being made against a background of professional standards and accountability.

The standards for members of NHS boards and Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies in England can be found here

The Code of Conduct of NHS Managers can be found here

Health and safety policies and procedures 

Health and safety policy

Human Resources (HR) policies 

Our HR policies (including recruitment and employment services) can be found on our working with us page

Equality and Diversity Policy and Equality Scheme

Our equality and diversity policy can be found here.

Information about our equality scheme can be found here. 

Standing financial procedures and instructions

Information about standing financial procedures and instructions can be found in our procurement policy.

Standing orders

Information about the general financial duties of our CCG, including standing orders can be found in our constitution.

Complaints and other customer service policies and procedures

If you would like to provide feedback on our publication scheme - good or bad - please send them to eMBED.FOI@nhs.net or the Freedom of Information Lead, eMBED Health Consortium, Douglas Mill, Bowling Old Lane, Bradford BD5 7JR.

For general feedback, please use our feedback form on the contact us page.

Further information on the complaints procedure can be found on our patient support line page. 

Data Protection, records management and Caldicott Guardian

Estate management

Our CCG does not own or manage estates.

Charging regimes and policies

Fees for Freedom of Information disbursements, please see our making a Freedom of Information request pages.

Environmental management

We are currently working on our environmental policy, it will be posted here when ready for publication.

Classes of information

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