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A - C

ACO - Accountable Care Organisation

ANHST - Airedale NHS Foundation Trust: hospital trust based in Steeton.

ATP – advanced training practice

AWC - Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Clinical Commissioning group.

BBB - Bradford Breathing Better – this is a CCG campaign to raise awareness about respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD etc.

BBD - Bradford Beating Diabetes – this is a CCG campaign to raise awareness about diabetes services and ensure patients have access to better care.

BC CCG - Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group This group is made up of 27 member practices

BD CCG - Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Group This group is made up of 40 member practices

BDCT - Bradford District Care Trust: provider of mental health and community services

BHH - Bradford Healthy Hearts – a CCG campaign aimed at reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack for people in risk groups.

BTHFT - Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: hospital trust made up of Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) and St Luke’s Hospital.

BPA – Bradford Provider Alliance

Carer - Someone who provides a substantial amount of care on a regular basis, and is not employed to do so. Carers are usually friends or relatives looking after someone at home who is elderly, ill or disabled.

CBMDC - City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

CCF - Clinical Commissioning Forum is one of our GP membership groups which is seen as the ‘doing arm’ of the CCG. GPs and Practice Managers attend these meetings and get involved in the work activity of the CCG

CCG Clinical Commissioning Group – CCG are made up of GP practices who took over some of the responsibilities of primary care trusts (PCTs) from April 2013. The CCG ensures that clinical people like GPs and nurses are more involved in deciding what services should be provided for local people

CEERG - Communications, Engagement and Equalities Reference Group We have patient representatives on this group who are also part of the network steering group. These people are Wendy Parkin, Lynn Asquith and Emma Stafford.

CIC – community interest company (formerly known as social enterprise)

Commissioning - The process of assessing the needs of the local population and buying health and social care services to meet those needs

Consultations - This process gives stakeholders and the wider public an opportunity to contribute and be involved in plans for new services or changes to existing services.

COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CoR - Council of Representatives is the main GP forum within the CCG and is responsible for agreeing the vision, values and overall strategy of Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Group.

Clinical Board - The Clinical Board is responsible for leading and setting the vision and strategy, developing commissioning plans and overseeing the commissioning process across Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Group

CQC - Care Quality Commission this organisation is the regulator of all health and social care services in the England and checks that services meet the government standards and rules about care

CVD - Cardiovascular Disease

D- F

End of life care - Specialist care for all adult patients nearing the end of their lives.

FFT - The Friends and Family Test is a national test to find out what patients think about health services and understand whether they would recommend the services to their own friends and family.

G - I

Governing Body - The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the Clinical Commissioning Group has appropriate arrangements in place to exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically

General Medical Council – the regulator of the medical profession. Its purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the community by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine.

GP - General practitioner - a doctor who works from a local surgery or health centre, most are independent contractors providing services to patients through a contract with the NHS.

Healthwatch - The consumer champion for both health and social care. This exists locally and nationally and gathers and represents the public's views on health and social care services in England.

Health inequalities - Work that contributes to narrowing the health gap between disadvantaged groups, communities and the rest of the country.

IAPT - Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – an NHS programme of talking therapies primarily for people who have mild to moderate mental health difficulties

Integrated care - Working in partnership across the district to join up health and social care services that will promote faster recovery from illnesses, prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and maximise independent living.

Intermediate care - Intermediate care refers to the type of care that patients can be given after coming out of an acute hospital. It is often given to patients who are unable to return home immediately and require some form of rehabilitation

J - L

JSNA - Joint strategic needs assessment - provides an overview of the health and wellbeing needs of the local population, highlighting the inequalities that may exist between different localities, groups and communities. This document usually informs planning and commissioning of services to lead a reduction in inequalities.

M - O

NAPP - National Association for Patient Participation promotes and supports patient participation in primary care.

NHSNational Health Service - Established in 1948 to provide healthcare for all citizens, based on need, not the ability to pay. It is made up of a wide range of health professionals, support workers and organisations.

NHS 111 - NHS 111 telephone service – gives people medical help or advice it's not urgent enough to call 999.

NHS Constitution - The NHS Constitution describes the principles and values of the NHS in England, and the rights and responsibilities of patients, the public and staff.

P - R

Patient Community Network (City) - The patient network group was formed in September 2013 and is made up of a representatives from the 27 practices and communities across BCCCG The network was set up to work with the CCG so that patients and the public can influence decisions made about their local health services and support practices to develop their individual PPGs.

Patient Network Group (Districts) - The patient network group was formed in July 2013 and is made up of a maximum of 3 representatives from all the 40 practices across BDCCG The network was set up to work with the CCG so that patients and the public can influence decisions made about their local health services and support practices to develop their individual PPGs.

Patient Network Steering Group (City & Districts) - Each network has a steering group and is made up of a number of people to include CCG management support and patient representatives. This group is responsible for a number of tasks:

  • Planning the network meetings
  • Linking and supporting practices and sharing information
  • Developing and extending patient groups
  • Supporting patients to have a voice to influence the business of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)

PALS - Patient Advice and Liaison Service

PCT - Primary Care Trust: commissioning organisation abolished 31 March 2013.

PPG - Patient participation groups aim to give patients a greater say in how their local health services are run. Most PPGs include practice managers and other practice staff. 

Practice health champions - Practice Health Champions are people who voluntarily give their time to work with the staff in their local GP Practice or surgery to find new ways to improve the services that the practice offers, and to help to meet the health needs of patients and the wider community.

Primary care - The collective term for all services which are the first point of contact for the patient, for example: a GP, dentist, pharmacist or optometrist.

Provider Organisations - provide services direct to patients, including hospitals, mental health services and ambulance services.

S - U

Self Care - Self Care is a way for people to look after themselves (with support) in a healthy way, whether it’s brushing teeth, taking medicine for a cold, or doing some exercise. People need to look after their health and wellbeing, as much as possible and be supported to do this.

STP - Sustainability transformation plan

STF - Sustainability transformation fund

V - Z

VCS - Voluntary and community sector

YHCS - Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support – an organisation which provides a wide range of commissioning and business support solutions to CCGs and other organisations.

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