Many medicines are cheaper when you buy them yourself

Your NHS can pay up to ten times more for medicines for short-term minor ailments if you choose to get it on prescription. It's cheaper, quicker and easier to buy them yourself from a pharmacy - they can also give you advice. Medicines are also available from shops such as supermarkets.

Many medicines are cheaper whern you buy them yourself - standalone image

You don't need to go to your GP practice for medicines for short-term minor ailments. It is cheaper to buy medicines yourself, they can cost from as little as 20p. Better still, you don't need to make an appointment or travel to your GP practice - you can pick them up when it's convienent for you. 

If you are unsure about which medicines to buy, you can visit your pharmacist for free advice. Pharmacists are experts on medicines and minor ailments. They can give you advice on how to manage your condition and which medicines would be the most effective. 

You can buy medicines yourself to help manage some of the most common minor ailments. These include:

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The drive to reduce medicines waste is part of the It's Your NHS, Don't Waste It campaign. You can read more about the campaign here.

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