What you tell us about mental health services

We make sure that we are listening, engaging and involving patients in the planning and design of their local NHS.

To do this, each programme of work has the infrastructure to engage and collect information from people through:

  • individual participation - including case studies, interviews, pathway design and schemes,
  • insight and feedback - through grass roots,
  • public participation - an infrastructure of networks and approaches to working with communities (see below):

Mental health service experience

We make sure that the insight and feedback we get is not just collected - we proactively use it to inform our commissioning activity and to improve quality. Insight and feedback is collected in a system that we call Grass Roots. This brings together intelligence from the services we commission, individual and public activity to provide us with an understanding of what local patients, carers and stakeholders are saying about their experiences of the local NHS services.

In addtion, for each programme of work, we tailor our approach to engagement to make sure that we are reaching those people who use services.

The mental health delivery board oversees our engagement in this area. The board ensures that we can take a 'deep dive' to understand the experiences of people using mental health services and how our strategy and approach can be shaped to meet the needs of services users and our population as a whole.

We have a robust approach to our engagement work around mental health services. Patient and public feedback is collected in the following ways: 

  • ongoing Grass Roots insight,
  • through statutory consultations (such as inpatient hospital provision),
  • specific reviews and projects (for example, improving access to pshycological therapies, future in mind, review of day services),
  • involvement groups that are established with mental health providers (for example, Bradford Districts Care NHS Foundation Trust as the main provider of mental health services have their own patient groups),
  • contracts that we commission with the voluntary and community sector (these help capture the views of protected groups and non-service users). 

Grass Roots

Grass Roots collects the information that is given by patients and the public (through NHS Choices, Patient Opinion, Healthwatch, complaints, local groups, staff and direct patient, family and community feedback) to inform our planning and decision making

In 2015, we received 1,949 entries relating to patient feedback from 3,987 individuals. The number of responses received relating specifically to mental health services was 26 which relates to patient feedback from 209 indivduals (patients, carers and 30 staff).

Mental health - grassroots

Patient stories