Our plans for the next five years

Through the establishment of a programme to improve outcomes in maternity services we will build on the learning from our two maternity pilots which are currently in Airedale and in the Better Start Bradford locality.

Developing and building on our learning will help create personalised maternity care. We plan to meet the needs of all our communities, as set out in Better Births: improving outcomes for maternity services in England (the five year forward view for maternity care).

We will be working with the Maternity Partnership, the Women’s Health Network and other community based forums to ensure that services are developed which are accessible  to women from all communities and meet their needs and expectations of personalised care.

We will also develop our relationship with the Born In Bradford research project and Better Start Bradford, their findings help inform the evidence based for ongoing service development. 

We will continue to be active participants in the Yorkshire and Humber Maternity Clinical Network and use this forum as a vehicle for sharing good practice around key themes and developing toolkits to address shared priorities for action.

We see a bright future for maternity services in Bradford, which will include:

The future of maternity services