2015/16 - what have we done?

During 2015/16 we have worked with providers of maternity services and our partners to improve maternal and child health outcomes. 

This work is split into three main areas;

  • developing maternity services
  • improving outcomes - through Better Start Bradford
  • research - through Born in Bradford.

Developing maternity services

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Addressing perinatal mental health issues

We have continued to work with our partners develop a streamlined, easy to follow pathway which raises awareness of perinatal mental health issues. The pathway makes sure that women, and their partners, see the right person at the right time. We have also worked with our partners on the design and implementation of training for midwives, health visitors, and children’s centre staff.

BabyClear programme

We have worked with Public Health England to establish the BabyClear programme at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This includes:

  • briefing sessions for midwifery staff and other relevant health professionals,
  • improved care pathways to reflect our evidence base,
  • advanced skills training to support stop smoking advisors to work effectively with pregnant women
  • finding ways to engage with pregnant smokers who do not use stop smoking services
  • awareness and engagement with all health professionals involved with pregnant smokers.

Specialist midwives

We have worked with our colleagues in public health to recruit a dedicated smoking cessation midwife.

We also have a breast feeding support midwife who runs education and training and awareness raising to improve uptake and continuation of breast feeding.

Maternity partnership focus groups

The 2015/16 Maternity Partnership focus groups looked at women’s expectations and experiences of personalisation and choice in maternity services. This information is used to help both commissioners and providers plan how services are going to be delivered. 

Every Baby Matters recommendations

We have continued to support the implemetation of the Every Baby Matters recommendations. These include;

  • early access to pre-conception, maternity and infant care
  • breastfeeding
  • health and nutrition of pregnant women and new mothers
  • cutting down on alcohol and/or non-prescribed drugs
  • cutting down on smoking
  • understanding about genetically inherited issues
  • Healthy Start vitamins
  • help with housing, training and finance.

Yorkshire and Humber maternity dashboard

We have worked with partners across Yorkshire and the Humber to introduce a maternity dashboard. The dashboard will be used as a comparison tool for commissioners and service providers to highlight any variations across locations. It will help use to plan a coordinated approach to identifying and tackling inequalities; share best practice and initiatives; provide a shared forum for discussion. In turn, it will allow us to put patients at the heart of decision making, help us seek the highest quality and reduce health inequalities for our population.

Yorkshire and Humber stillbirth recommendations

We have worked with our partners across Yorkshire and the Humber to develop and introduce the Yorkshire and the Humber stillbirth recommendations. The recommendations include reducing the risk of stillbirths and the provision of bereavment care for women and their families experiencing a still birth.

Recurrent funding for the Bradford Doula project

We have secured recurrent funding for Action for the Community’s (ACL’s) innovative Bradford Doulas project. The Bradford Doula's train community volunteers to work with expectant mums from about two months before the birth to about six weeks after with the aim of improving the health and well-being of mother and baby.


Improving outcomes - Better Start Bradford

We are continuing to support the Better Start Bradford programme. The programme received £49 million funding from the Big Lottery to improve maternal and child health outcomes. This programme is based in the Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton areas of the city and will benefit 20,000 young children, aged between zero and three years, over 10 years.

In the past year, through Better Start Bradford, a number of projects have commenced including:

  • establishment of a caseloading midwifery pilot in support of the development of personalised midwifery care,
  • introduction of the Baby Buddy app across the district, 
  • roll out of the perinatal support service,  
  • roll out of talking together. 

Research - Born in Bradford

Born in Bradford (BiB) is a long term study of a cohort of 13,500 children who were born at Bradford Royal Infirmary between March 2007 and December 2010. The health of the 13,500 children are being tracked from pregnancy through childhood and into adult life.

Born in Bradford researches the many influences that shape our lives, including; our parents and wider family, our genes, the way we choose to live, the local environment, the services we access. It then looks at how these all come together to affect health and wellbeing.  

The information collected from the Born in Bradford study is being used to find the causes of common childhood illnesses as well as explore the mental and social development of the next generation. Findings from the study will be used to inform our future commissioning decisions.

Images courtesy of http://www.bradfordtrident.co.uk/ and http://www.borninbradford.nhs.uk/