What you have told us about learning disabilities services 

We make sure that we are listening, engaging and involving patients in the planning and design of their local NHS. To do this, each programme of work has the infrastructure to engage and collect information from people through:

  • individual participation - including case studies, interviews, pathway design and schemes,
  • insight and feedback - through grass roots,
  • public participation - an infrastructure of networks and approaches to working with communities (see below):


The insight and feedback you give us makes sure that we don't just collect information, but that we have the means and ability to use it to inform our commissioning activity and improve quality. All the insight and feedback is pulled together in a system we call grass roots.

For each programme of work, in addition to the above, we tailor engagement to ensure we are reaching people who use the services.

Grass roots

Grass Roots pulls together information reported through NHS Choices, Patient Opinion, Healthwatch, complaints, local groups and direct patient, family and community feedback to inform CCG planning and decision making

The following represents feedback received in to Grass Roots:

LD - grassroots

Case study