What we are doing over the next five years

Over the next five years we plan to improve care and the quality of the services we commission. We will be doing this by creating a system-wide model for the delivery of planned care.

Our focus is on transforming both mental health services and learning disability services. The main aim is to make sure that those with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism get the same standard of health and care as the rest of the population.

There are also a number of recommendations that have been set out by the national Mental Health Taskforce that we will be addressing, namely:

  • implementing the new mental health waiting time standards,
  • improving psychiatric liaison services,
  • implementing a lead provider approach to improving access to psychological therapies,
  • developing the offer of personalised budgets - including personal health budgets for people with learning disabilities who may have autism and/or a mental health condition.

For children, we have a school liaison and prevention project. This is a model of therapeutic integrated care for vulnerable children and young people. The project is currently also implementing a single point of access to preventative support.

The main things we will be doing are...
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