What we are doing over the next five years

Over the next five years, we plan to build on the strong foundation that we have already developed for people living with dementia, their families and their carers.  

Our vision:

Dementia - the next five years

To achieve this vision, we will be looking at two main areas:

  • improving care and quality of services
  • creating a 24/7 integrated system across health and care

Improving care and quality of services

There are a number of measures that we will be taking to improve care for people living with dementia:

  • working to the new nationally agreed assessment and treatment targets for memory services. These will be developed in 2016/2017 and are set to ensure the delivery of timely and high quality services by local providers.
  • continuing to improve our care planning in line with nationally agreed standards, ensuring that plans are effective in meeting the needs of those living with dementia, their families and their carers. 
  • reviewing post-diagnosis support services and working with the local authority, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, to ensure the support services we commission are effective, high quality and provide value for money.
  • improving the advanced care planning and support offered to people with dementia in care homes. The aim is to enable people to live well with dementia and plan for high quality end of life care.
  • ensuring that we meet the needs of more vulnerable groups of patients in general - including those with dementia. We want to make sure that all people receive access to the same high quality services, in a timely manner. 

Creating a 24/7 integrated system across health and care

The Better Care Fund is enabling us to make a significant change in the capacity and capability of community services. Our ambition is for these community services to become an integrated 24/7 system. This is extensive work which includes delivering:

  • an integrated system that is centred on the person, their family and their carer, to support them in living with dementia,
  • the recommendations of the dementia strategic needs assessment, including building dementia friendly communities and GP practices,
  • the five recommendations of the Bradford and Airedale dementia strategy:
    • enable people living with dementia to stay in their homes for as long as possible,
    • increase the focus on dementia in care homes,
    • increase awareness of the benefit of a healthy lifestyle to prevent dementia,
    • enable the provision of high quality end of life care for people with dementia, and,
    • enable people to live well with dementia.
  • We are commissioning to the new evidence based treatment pathway expectations.