How are we doing?

Our data shows that our CCG is performing in the best quartile in the country for diagnosing dementia. 


The Bradford and Airedale dementia strategy, 2015-2020  aims to reduce the impact of dementia and help improve care for those with the illness. The five key aims of the strategy are to:

  • keep people with dementia in their homes for as long as possible,
  • increase the focus on dementia in care homes,
  • increase awareness of prevention of dementia through healthy lifestyles
  • enable the provision of high quality end of life care for people with dementia
  • enable people to live well with dementia

Needs assessment

Following the 2014 district-wide dementia needs assessment we are working on improving the whole patient experience around dementia - from preventing the onset of the condition to post-diagnostic support - using the dementia well pathway

Healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle is good for the brain and the heart. Two of the biggest health issues in Bradford are heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, and therefore we have continued to promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle to our local population through our Bradford Beating Diabetes and Bradford’s Healthy Hearts programmes. 


Our CCG is performing well with a dementia diagnosis rate of 9.2%. 80% of outpatients with a diagnosis of dementia have a care plan in place.

Review of memory assessment services

There has been a formal review of the pathway from referral to diagnosis in our three memory clinic teams to ensure that all patients are able to access a diagnosis and the appropriate care planning. The review has shown that our diverse population does require different approaches to access and engagement and this work will continue as we work towards the planned targets in the evidence-based treatment pathway.

Post-diagnostic support services

We are still looking at the re-procurement of our post diagnostic services to ensure that they are accessible and appropriate for our population. 

Care planning in face-to-face reviews

We have delivered high quality education and training and have developed accessible resources to support meaningful care planning reviews in primary care.

Recognition of patients with dementia in care homes

We continue to support the roll out of the nationally recognised DiADeM tool (Yorkshire and Humber diagnosis of advanced dementia mandate) in our care homes to support the diagnosis and care planning of our care home population.

Becoming dementia friendly

Many of our GP practices are now dementia friendly and we are continuing to support other services we commission to become dementia friendly too. Our aim is to make sure that as a city, Bradford is dementia friendly.

Prevalence - estimated diagnosis rate for people with dementia

  • our CCG has identified 94.2% of patients who are expected to have dementia. This is in the top quartile of the country for dementia diagnosis,
  • 19/20 people who are expected to have dementia have been diagnosed. 

What we are doing to continue to maintain and improve the diagnosis of dementia

We have worked with Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT) to review the pathway for memory assessment and treatment services (MATS), following which additional resources have been provided. The service is also looking at how to improve efficiency to maximise the use of resources and implement best practice.  We have worked with BDCFT to increase the level of support available to people recently diagnosed with dementia, their families and their carers.  We want to maintain a diagnosis rate of over 75% of the estimated number of people with dementia in 2017/18. We are performing well in relation to the dementia diagnosis.

Care planning and post-diagnostic support 

  • 80% of patients who have been diagnosed dementia have had a review in the lats 12 months. Our CCG is in the second highest quartile nationally for care planning and post-diagnostic support, indicating that we are performing well.

What we are doing to support our GP practices with face-to-face reviews

We have developed resources for our GP practices so that they can better support patients. This includes a care planning and education package to support them when doing annual dementia reviews and signposting to an appropriate service. For patients, we have developed a leaflet entitled What makes a difference? which helps them prepare for their appointment with a nurse/GP and helps them to think about the issues that are most important to them. The Bradford advanced care plan booklet helps patients plan their care and ensure that patients, their family and carers are supported in deciding what care they want for the future.