What we are doing over the next five years 

Over the next five years we want to improve your care and the quality of services you recieve - we plan to achieve this by developing a system wide model for the delivery of planned care. 

The system wide model will be developed through Healthy Futures - a collaboration between CCGs across West Yorkshire. Healthy Futures is aimed at making sure that you have access to some of the best diagnostic services for cancer which enables earlier diagnosis and treatment.

The system wide model will also form part of our sustainability and transformation plan (STP) which looks at how we can provide sustainable, joined up care, which puts you at the centre. 

Our vision:

Cancer - next five years

Our sustainability and transformation plan will focus on; 

  • addressing the whole patient pathway,
  • working more closely with local partners,
  • raising awareness around cancer prevention. 

Addressing the whole patient pathway - we are expanding our approach to cancer to include the whole patient pathway. This includes raising awareness, screening, early diagnosis, treatment and recovery. This feeds into our sustainability and transformation plan to deliver patient interventions which go beyond care that is based within a hospital. 

Working more closely with our local partners -  our local partners will cover all aspects of cancer care - including, hospital trusts, community trusts, voluntary and charitable sectors. This close working relationship will mean that we can develop joined-up services.

Raising awareness around cancer prevention - we will be working closely with our public health colleagues at Bradford Metropolitan District Council to raise awareness amongst local people around cancer prevention. This will include encouraging more public engagement with the council-run stop smoking and obesity services and helping you understand how you can reduce your cancer risk.