2016/17 - what have we done?

Find out what we have done over the last year towards our plans for mental health and wellbeing in Bradford:

  • worked with the Local Authority and community organisations to commission safe places for adults and young people who are experiencing mental health crisis but do not need hospital care, 
  • Worked with the Local Authority public health colleagues to update information in the Mental Health Joint Strategic Needs Assessment to inform the Mental Wellbeing Strategy, including recent evidence on the wider determinants of mental health, 
  • worked closely with all relevant partners to develop a Mental Wellbeing Strategy for Bradford district and Craven and establish groups to lead its implementation, 
  • selected metrics to assess whether the strategy is successful in achieving its intended outcomes,
  • funded the development of a network of mental health champions in schools to influence school culture, reduce stigma, and support children and young people to access care before serious problems arise,
  • extended the 24/7 First Response Service (crisis care) to care for people of all ages, including children, young people and older people,
  • commissioned specialists in children and young people’s mental health to work with social care services for vulnerable groups, 
  • worked with the Local Authority to include young people’s mental health specialists in social care access points, 
  • commissioned and publicised Thrive Bradford, a website which helps young people navigate their teenage years, designed by children and young people in Bradford working with Barnardo’s
  • commissioned a community eating disorders service for children and young people to provide evidence based care at home including intensive support for those who are severely unwell,
  • worked with colleagues in public health, NHS providers, social care and other teams on actions to reduce suicides,
  • commissioned mental health specialists to screen inpatients at Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke’s Hospital for mental health care needs, aiming to provide support before problems become serious,
  • commissioned training for police staff in mental health issues,
  • with the Local Authority, commissioned evidence-based employment support for people with mental health care needs,
  • expanded the Primary Care Wellbeing Service, which uses targeted mental health interventions with people experiencing medically unexplained symptoms. The service has been successful in alleviating distressing physical symptoms and reducing ineffective and frustrating tests and treatments.