What we are doing in 2017/18

This West Yorkshire wide programme focuses on six all age outcomes and developing shared standards and expectations across West Yorkshire. The six outcomes are;

  1. reduce mental health in-patient admissions
  2. eliminate all out-of-area mental health acute placement
  3. reduce unnecessary attendance at A&E for crisis episodes
  4. reduce all inappropriate emergency service responses
  5. reduce Mental Health Act detention in police cells
  6. reduce number of suicides across West Yorkshire

We have done a significant proportion of work in this area through our Crisis Care Concordat and other mechanisms which is being shared across West Yorkshire but we will continue to support this work over the next two years by aiming to (please note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • engage with wider system pathway development
  • implement plans to support perinatal mental health care using the national funding that Bradford Districts has been awarded
  • continue to commission safe spaces for effective crisis response.