What we are doing over the next two years

Better births: improving outcomes of maternity services in England

We are currently working with the providers of maternity services and the Maternity Partnership to assess our current arrangements for commissioning and service delivery in line with the Better births: Improving outcomes of maternity services in England (2016) recommendations.

We will use the outcome of this assessment to look at our priority areas and deliver an action plan to the maternity network.

There are a number of other areas which have also been identified for action during 2016/17:

  • improve communication between the maternity service and GPs to ensure all appropriate post-natal advice is communicated via discharge summaries in a timely fashion,
  • work with service users to develop a single maternity service specification for all providers which reflects all relevant guidance and meets the needs of our local population,
  • build on our recent work to develop our proposals around perinatal mental health, including a focused workshop to be led by the Maternity Partnership looking at perinatal mental health concerns,
  • work with colleagues in public health to develop pre-conception messages for women and to share these within primary care, 
  • continuing to work with commissioners in public health to maintain access to appropriate contraception services so that women can plan their pregnancy when they feel is the best time in terms of their own health and wellbeing, 
  • ensure that the female genital mutilation (FGM) pathways are reflected in relevant service specifications, 
  • work with Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Maternity Partnership to ensure that issues and concerns arising from the 2015 Care Quality Commission (CQC) survey of women’s experiences of maternity services are reviewed and addressed, 
  • work with Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and public health to understand and where appropriate implement the Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Clinical Networks (Y&H SCN) recommendations for the improvement of stillbirth and bereavement care (Aug 2015), 
  • work with providers to implement the Y&H SCN maternity dashboard and share the learning as benchmarking data emerges, 
  • use the Maternity Network to track our progress against implementation of recommendations outline in the Perinatal Confidential Enquiry (MBRRACE-UK, Nov 2015) and supplementary report on perinatal deaths (MBRRACE-UK, Dec 2015)
  • use the Maternity Network to review the recommendations within the Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, 2014 (published Dec 2015) to review local progress and highlight any areas of particular concern,
  • use the Maternity Network to review the key messages within Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care (MBRRACE-UK, Dec 2015) to identify areas for local action. 

In response to the requirements of Better Births, improving outcomes of maternity services in England we have established a Maternity Programme Board to oversee the implementation of the recommendations of this five year forward view for maternity services. Led by a senior clinician we have developed an action plan and will engage with senior management from across the local health and care system to achieve delivery. We are also engaged in the developments being led by the Yorkshire and Humber Maternity Clinical Network and the learning from the Maternity Choice and Personalisation Pioneers and Early Adopter sites.