What we are doing over the next two years

We are continuing to work towards transforming care for people with learning disabilities, autism or both.

Over the next three years we will be further developing community services and closing unnecessary inpatient services. This will be done in partnership with Bradford Districts CCG, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG, the local authority and NHS England specialised commissioners. 

We are also working with key partners across Bradford and Airedale to develop and deliver our Transforming Care Plan (TCP):

Key objectives of our Transforming Care Plan are:

  1. workforce development, to develop a skilled workforce to support people who present with complex conditions within the community, 
  2. working with Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT) to create a flexible crisis response approach to support families and people with learning disabilities who may also have autism to remain within their community if possible,
  3. the development of new housing options, 
  4. working with specialised commissioning to support people who are in forensic services to return to appropriate community settings with the right support, 
  5. continuing to promote and support people with learning disabilities to access an annual health check.
  6. developing a ‘dynamic risk register’ across children and adult services to help identify people who may access inpatient services.
  7. delivering the positive behaviour support service - led by the Bradford Council children's service, 
  8. continuing to carry out care and treatment reviews (CTR’s) for people within an inpatient service and those who may be admitted to an inpatient service,
  9. continued roll out of personal health budgets.