2015/16 - what have we done?

We have been working on delivering on the actions in our local transformation plan:

  1. the provider framework for providers of residential and nursing including specialist service went live in October 2016,
  2. three sites have been secured to build and develop housing options for people with learning disabilities, autism or both,
  3. care and treatment reviews are being carried out for people in both in the community and within inpatient services to avoid admissions or ensure timely discharges from hospital.
  4. we continue to work towards offering personal health budgets to people with a learning disability, autism or both,
  5. there is now a transforming care reference group consisting of people with a learning disability, family carers, self-advocates and professionals. This group ensures the transforming care programme is delivered in a co-produced way,
  6. joint health and social care funding panels are now held,
  7. we are part of care and treatment reviews for local people in forensic services out of area and are work with colleagues in NHS England to support people either back to their local area and/or a community setting,
  8. an integrated workforce development plan has been develped to ensure people with complex needs are supported by appropriately trained staff,
  9. we are developing a ‘dynamic risk register’ to ensure we are planning for people who may be at risk of admission to inpatient or residential services.

We are also moving towards integration between health and social care:

  1. a lead has been appointed for the integrated transitions team,
  2. discussion is taking place around the benefits of moving from a joint commissioning model to an integrated commissioning model,
  3. we are going out to procurement for a provider to deliver the positive behaviour support service. This service will sit within the Council children’s service and will work across health, education and the local authority,
  4. improving the lives of the most vulnerable through the NHS England Better Care Fund programme. This will put people at the centre of their care and support and result in improved patient experience and better quality of life.